I have been waiting for so long for this, now you have what you have always wanted. You are a bright young man indeed. There might have been some very bad days, though, but here comes a day when you’re making us all proud, keep going forward. Congrats!

It’s going to be a perfect place for you to express yourself. Truly impress other people with your great skills. I’m pleased with you.

I’m not often saying this, but I’m so proud of you, my sister, particularly now that you can afford to buy me the new X-BOX because you’ve got a job. Congratulation.

We’re very amazed to hear that now is an associate the little boy who knows nothing but scrolling his latest feed. You’re all shocked. Cheers, we’re proud of you!

God wants to bless you because you are sincere kind. In your new career, my best wishes to you and I hope that your experiences will be full of joy and inspiration. Congratulations and cheers, keep it up!

I never felt so proud of you. I feel so lucky as my son to have you. It was my greatest achievement to give birth to you. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see your new house, your new car. I know that you’re going to be a winner!

Wishing you to find your new job happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Good luck!

Wow! You’re going to start a new job today. I would like to thank you. I’m going to wait for you to share it later that evening!

Best wishes for first day of job

I have great respect for you, and I know you’re going to be a great worker in the new job. Not surrender the confidence you have. I wish you good luck.

Favorite work allows relaxation as well as work. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to do this. I wish you a great achievement!

I hope you will be much happier with this new job than you are now. I trust you and your diligence. Waiting for an amazing call.

New job–a new experience, new colleagues, and place. I think it’s going to be all right. Believe in your self!

Those who are as patient, committed, strong, resilient and optimistic as you are, do not need to be wished good luck, because they always make their happiness wherever they go.

How is the first day of a new job? Was it all okay? Want the best of you, and tomorrow.

I can’t believe you’ve quit your old job yet. Hope this new work will suit you perfectly. Tomorrow I wish you good luck.

I’m really glad you decided that. The new job would make it possible to show the true “self.” Good luck, you man.

Welcome! You’ve finally found your dream job. Good luck to you!

It’s a perfect time to do the work you like. Any improvements are useful. Would you like the best?

All the best wishes for first day of job

Do not think about mistakes and misunderstandings. Sometimes life is full of stuff like that, but it’s not right. Head up and don’t be afraid.

Good luck, darling. Display your skills and all you’ve got the best. Being the best employee is your time.

I always had faith in you. I know you enjoy working. It’s a very good choice.

Let it be fun and exciting for your new job! I bet you’re going to be number two, good luck to you!

Changing the old workplace–a bold move. I want to be the best and enjoy the new work. My friend’s good luck!

On this great day, the biggest congratulations. You’re going to start a new loop of life. I hope you’re going to be happy here!

I’d like to say good luck with your new job. I know you’re a professional person. All your colleagues are going to be happy.

I’m so proud of you. You are very bold in deciding to change your career. A lot of success!

Opportunities often come to those people at the right place and at the right time.

The true success, however, only comes to those who endure. Good luck to you!

I’m so happy and excited about you. Today’s the new job’s first day. I’m going to wait for the news.

I wish you plenty of patience, tea, joy, sunny days and a wonderful new job future. I hope you’re doing well, just remember that we always have your side, whatever happens!

Thank you very much for your new job! I wish you luck, I wish you every day to wake up happy and go to work because you want it, not because you need it! I hope you’ve got a god’s time at work, know we’re helping you! There’s a lot of love.

If you’ve been fired, you’re not going to work again… but look at you now! You finally have a new job, and once again you’re building your career, I know it’s hard, but all your family and friends think you can do it! Good luck to you!

The best job and the highest pay are worth it. You’re the field’s biggest expert. I wish you a good working day.

Yeah, you’ve got a job at last. I didn’t expect this from you, but since you’ve got one right now, I and the whole family wish you good luck, a lot of happy Mondays and a boss who isn’t mad.

You didn’t have a job a few days ago. It’s kind of funny, how you have nothing at one time and how I wish you good luck in your new career the next time you have something or even something. I know you’re going to do fine!

Best wishes for first day of job

Welcome to the new work! We all know how hard you’ve been working to get this job, and we help you 100%! Never forget that I wish you luck and patience with your boss and colleagues in particular.

At last! You’re married, you’ve got a family, you’ve bought a lovely house you call home, and you’ve got a great job on top of that! I’m very proud of you, good luck with your career, I hope you’re going up and not going down!

Ah those jobs… we all know the struggle to get hired for a job, you don’t feel you’re good enough, you don’t think you have the right experience, a million thoughts fly in the back of your head, but you still choose to stay calm, good luck in your new job. Congratulations on recruiting!

Look at you, you figured you’d never finish high school, college, but look where you’re now, you’ve finished high school and college, you’ve graduated, and now you’ve got a great job! I’m proud of you!

And you got your degree huh at last? You found a job as well! Okay, I’m pleased with you on Mondays, good luck waking up! I wish you a sweet coffee, a beautiful sunny morning and luck in your new job!

We were all happy to work with you. With your new job, may you find success, best of luck to you!

Remember you were recruited because the company sees you as an added value to their group, so don’t feel like a newbie! You’re lucky!

Don’t forget that even small success can have a significant impact on your life. Good luck with your new career!

All the best wishes for first day of job

To a good person, good things always happen. That’s why you’ve got such a good mate, wishing you all the best in your new job!

You have a new job, so luck has played its part, and it’s up to you now!

I assume you would certainly want to accomplish all your goals in your new job. Good luck, a friend of mine!

Be good to your new colleagues, learn as many new things in your new job as you can, but never forget to keep in contact with your old colleagues and never forget what you have learned in your old job. Good luck to you!

Can you overcome all the challenges in your new job; I wish you the best in everything you do. My friend’s best wishes.

Your career has just begun; now, your success has been rewarded. May you continue to do your work in your new job professionally! Good luck!

Everything you contact will make it the best, best wishes for your new job.