Birthday wishes for girlfriend from boyfriend: – Birthday is a very special occasion for the ones who are born that day. But the day will be more special when it’s the birthday of your girlfriend. No boyfriend can afford to forget their girlfriend’s birthday. Or else you’ll come to know what hell is like before you’re even dead.

Wooing her, giving her gifts and taking her to her favorite place are some of the activities that boyfriend does. Along with, boyfriend can also make the day special by sending following sweet, simple, cute and loving messages to his girlfriend.

200 Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday – Messages & Quotes From Boyfriend

1. I do not know what day and at what exact time I fell in love with you.The only thing I know is that at least I realized I was already wrapped in your networks. Happy birthday jaan.

2. I liked so much to feel trapped by you that I would never want to escape from your life. Happy birthday sweetheart.

3. The best thing of my life is you. You are the perfect person with whom I get along very well not only as a couple.Happy birthday love.

4. We are also great friends and I want to share the rest of the life with you.Happy birthday darling.

5. We always feel the need to be together and shake hands when we have a problem. Happy birthday kaali.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

6. I love you in such a way that for you I would be able to give anything to see you happy by my side. Happy birthday jaan.

7. You will be the perfect life partner for me. Happy birthday sweetheart.

8. I decided to be your boyfriend because you are a person who has awakened in me a feeling that I was sleeping in my heart.And that only with the arrival of the right person would know that it was time to engage in a serious relationship. Happy birthday dear.

9. You are a great love that I can not let pass my dear. If I lose you, I know I won’t be able to find any other girl who is suitable for me to be my soul mate. Happy birthday.

10. You’re the only one for me which I knew from the very beginning when my eyes were set on you. Happy birthday darling.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

11. Sometimes people are surprised to see me talking alone or smiling for no reason. I do not care if they think I’m insane. Because only I know the reasons why I act like that and I do not care about the opinion of the rest because it’s worth it. Happy birthday dear.

12. It is the love so deep that I feel for you and that I am lucky to be reciprocated with the feeling that every day you usually give me. I love you sweetheart. Happy birthday.

13. You are a fantastic person.By your side all problems seem to have a solution.Happy birthday love.

14. Life had never been so easy and beautiful for me before. Happy birthday my love.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

15. Even the gray days seem more beautiful. You always give me a reason to live and be happy by your side.I love you. I will always live for you. Happy birthday.

16. Nobody is a fortune-teller to predict what will happen in the future. That is why for the moment I want to fully live my present by your side. Happy birthday to you darling.

17. You are the person of whom I am deeply in love and God forbid that our relationship never has an end. I can’t live without you my love. Happy birthday.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

18. I always knew that I would find great love.Therefore I never fell into despair because God has always blessed me and with you my luck is assured. Thank you love to have put your eyes on me. Happy birthday.

19. The only thing I need from you are two things: your person and your kisses. Because both are the ones that feed me to give me the energies I need and to see that life is worthwhile when we love and are reciprocated. Happy birthday jaan.

20. Thank you love.For being very loving with me, for giving me your best advice and for that unique trust we have for each other. Happy birthday my love. Thank you for coming to this world just for me.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

21. We are a very close couple and I am sure that we are in the best stage of our courtship because we are reaffirming our desire to have a lasting relationship. Happy birthday jaan.

22. SinceI am your boyfriend. It seems as if you have hypnotized me and I feel that my eyes and my thoughts can only be directed towards you. I love you sweetie. My focus is only on you. Happy birthday.

23. The feeling I have for you is so great that I do not mind feeling dominated by your love. Happy birthday love.

24. I feel lucky I found love that can dominate me and can push me forward to move ahead in life. Happy birthday love.

25. Before you I did not believe in love but with you.I returned my soul to my body and my heart beat again for a love as special as you. Happy birthday baby.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

26. You are my first love and people can think what they want from us.But for me you are a very original person.Happy birthday jaan.

27. You are the one who has make my life beautiful and worth living. Happy birthday sweetheart.

28. I can never forget the first kiss you gave me. Because with you I knew that true love had come to my life. Happy birthday love.

29. With your love I can achieve what I never have dreamed to achieve before. Happy birthday love.

30. You came to my life. You gave me goal of my life. I only have one goal. No matter what,I have to make you mine and keep you happy for the rest of my life. Happy birthday darling.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

31. Hi honey, right now I’m standing in my window contemplating the beautiful landscape that I have in front of my eyes. Since you came in my life, the ordinary usual things also seem very beautiful to me. Happy birthday love.

32. Everything beautiful that I see makes your image come to my mind. That I would not give so that you are next to me in these moments. I love you. Happy birthday.

33. I always knew you were a very special and unique person. We all have some gift but you have many that make you very different from the other girls I have known. Happy birthday to you my love.

34. You are a perfect combination of your way of being that harmonizes so well with how beautiful you are. Happy birthday jaan.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

35. You are exactly what I needed and I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday baby.

36. I would not mind being blind because I already know what your face and soul are like.I have seen already what I have to see in my life. I have found already which I was seeking for my whole life. I have found you my love. Happy birthday.

37. If I have you by my side you will always be that light that will illuminate my life.Happy birthday Kaalu.

38. You are my sunshine. You are my moon and star. I love you darling. Happy birthday.

39. It will be enough for me to have your love to feel the shine of that beautiful feeling that can exist between a man and a woman. Happy birthday darling.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

40. I carry inside my being a joy that seems to run through my body from end to end. I’ve felt all this since we became sweethearts. Happy birthday love.

41. Now our souls are united by a bond of love that will never be broken. Happy birthday my love.

42. You are not a dream, you are a reality from which I will never want to escape. Happy birthday dear.

43. I always carry you inside my heart and you are present in each of my thoughts. Happy birthday jaan.

44. In fact you are my thoughts. You are my dream. Making you mine is my goal. Happy birthday.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

45. Your presence sweetens my life and you are the reason why there is always a smile on my face. Happy birthday love.

46. To spend a day without seeing you is really a torture for me. It’s like not seeing the Sun in a year.It’s like being locked in a dark room.Happy birthday to you my dear.

47. My darling, you are the light that illuminates my days. Thank you for all your love all this time.There is nothing in this world that I value more than you. Happy birthday to you sweetie.

48. It was enough for me to see you once so that you will awaken in me the purest feeling of love. Happy birthday Jaan.

Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday

49. It was enough to listen to your voice to feel that your words sounded like musical notes in my ears. You are the music. You are the rhythm. You are the sweet song I ever sung. Happy birthday love.

50. Your smile is the light that illuminates my days. I do not know what I would do without her. I feel grateful for life for having put you in my way. You do not know how much I love you, my love. Happy birthday.