200 happy birthday wishes for boyfriend messages collection

Happy birthday my closest friend and my dear boyfriend, which means everything to me from the day we meet till now in my life.

When my life becomes clueless, and everything went downward, you shine like my father to show how. Happiest birthday to my dear superhero.

May you gain all the world’s name and fame in a respected manner, and I will always be on your side no matter what will happen in your life. Warm birthday wishes from my side.

Let’s go outside today to celebrate your wonderful birthday, and I have a special gift for you, my dear. Many happy returns of the day, my man.


Have a beautiful birthday, dear, and you have promised me that you will take me to the beach to enjoy your special day with me. Wish you have a long life ahead.

200 Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend : Best Messages From Girlfriend

May you live your life fully and conquer all the dreams and achievements you have seen for your future with God’s blessing. My wish is to see you a successful person, dear, and again happy born day.

I have always felt you in my heart and want to be your wife from begging so, make my wish come true on your birthday, my dear, and warmest birthday my other half.

Happiest birthday to my man; I wish we will meet soon and had a beautiful family like you always said to me. I felt too emotional whenever your birthday comes around, my dear.

Your smiling face and charming eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen in this whole world, my dear, and I hope you will always inspire me as you did before. Happy birthday my boy, and let’s have a party tonight.

You are my world and thank you a lot for making my world a more happy place than ever before. Forever be happy, and may you live long to see everything, dear. Happy 22nd birthday

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Whenever I am with you, I feel so comfortable and thoroughly that I feel positive vibes everywhere, and it all happens because of you. keep me forever like this, my birthday boy, and my warm birthday for you

It is a fantastic day for your honey, and I wish I can come on your birthday, but even I am not there, my heart always has a special connection with you. happy birthday dear one

My love, I have never imagined that on your special day, I am going to be with you this night, and God has listened to my voice of the heart. Many happy returns of the day dear

Happy birthday to my handsome and cool boy in this world for me; you may live peacefully and delightfully for all life. God made you unique for me, dear.

Happy birthday my sweet love; the best moment of my life always starts in your arms and ends with hugging you every day. May you achieve all the goal of your life

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend cards

I will never find another amazing man like you in my many lives because you have given me all the world’s happiness every day, which is enough for me. Most significant happy birthday to my cute guy

Happy birthday my darling; it’s been a fantastic journey with a romantic boy like you till now, and I hope we will continue like this in our overall life.

Finally, I have fulfilled my promise to be with you on the special day of your life, and look now we are dancing like a couple. Happy birthday my future husband

A single day in my life feels like hell, and I always fear that I will do without you in the upcoming future, but I wish you be happy and healthy forever and happy birthday, my dearest one.

All this motivation and inspiration I am getting through your love may remain last forever, and wishing you to have a wonderful birthday, my love, on this day.

Your arms are the safest and warmest place for me, my love, even more than any part of this earth or haven. My sweetest birthday wishes to my honey, and let’s have dinner together.

I am sending you the warm birthday wishes this year and a lot of love to fill your heart with all positive feelings and give you the strength to fight for many tackles.

Whenever you touch my hand, I feel calm, like flying birds and a silent lake so, never leave my hand in the coming future, dear. Have a wonderful birthday, and may happiness come all over your way

Happy birthday, sweetheart; on this lovely day, I want to confess my love for you and want to hold my hand to make your wife.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

Your jokes and funny stories are a whole new level of laughing and enjoying things, and you know how to make someone happy. May God is forever on your side, and happy birthday, my love.

I feel so honored to call you my love of life and the most charming boy of my life because of all your good deeds. Happy birthday sweetheart

Let’s take a day off to enjoy your most important day of this year, my love, and many happy returns of the day to my lover and second half.

You have always proven to me that you are the man of words, and I feel proud to have you in my life, dear. Always be happy and smile, my birthday boy.

It is not an ordinary feeling in my heart for you, and the same goes for you too. wishing you the best birthday ever in your life, and be ready to hang out today with me

Our togetherness is a beautiful home for us, and we feel safe and happy by being together, which brings a smile to my face. Happy birthday happy and determinant guy

Your love towards me is the proof of true love in this world, and I have always respected that from the deep of my heart. The happiest born day, my love.

Happy birthday, sweetie, for this beautiful day in your life, and I have organized a massive party for all of us to give you a break from your regular day. Let’s enjoy together on your day, dear.

Your love has only the power to make me free from the captivity of fear and too many problems in my life. Happy birthday baby, and enjoy the day fully without overthinking your future

Only talking with you for a few minutes makes me feel like superwomen and hope to live life fully. Playing football will be best on your birthday and let’s celebrate it.

Thank you for being with me like this till now, and it is the most significant gift for me, and now on your birthday, I want to give you a huge birthday surprise, my love, and happy birthday to my future husband.

Only the love of your heart can only replace my heart’s oxygen, which I breathe daily. Lovely birthday wishes to my boy, and let us have dinner today like a real family.

Having you as my boyfriend and sweetheart is the real blessing I can ever get in this life, dear, and I hope our understanding will be the same forever. Happy birthday my boy

Happy birthday to the loyal and lovely man of my life; I will love you to the end of the time and promise to be with you till my last breath. Enjoy your wonderful day.

Let’s celebrate, my sweetheart, this significant milestone of your life, and I want to listen to your song, which relaxes my mind.

Happy birthday handsome hero; I have written a beautiful song for you in my own words and hope you love to listen to it on your birthday. May God bless you, dear.

Till now, you have achieved massive success in your life, but I have wished on this birthday of yours that you may get an international platform to express your voice as well. happy birthday my superhero

Dear sweetheart and love of my life, I cannot feel more happiness and an enjoyable day than today. Happiest birthday and I want the sweetest candy, which should be just like you.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

On this particular day of your life, my wishes are love, health, and success in your coming days. Enjoy the day you are born, and take a moment to appreciate this day, my love.

Thank you for believing in me and make me believe in myself when nobody comes even close to me. Not only as my love, but you become my teacher as well. happy birthday

Sincerely I don’t have any words to wish you because it’s my daily work to pray for you, and again, happy birthday to the closest person of my life, dear.

You are the second man I admire the most after my dad, and you never let me down on anything, my love. Be energetic, and let’s create your birthday memories today with various funs.

I may not give you any expensive items and gifts on your birthday, my love, but I can surely give my word that I will remain with you till the last day and wishing you a warm, happy birthday.

This time don’t be late, my boy, for the party on your birthday which is at my house tonight and again be happy, forever be kind like this and happy born day.

Finally, the time has come to me to say how graceful it is to be with you on your every birthday, and now I have brought a beautiful gift for my sweetheart—happy 24th birthday, honey.

What should I bring as a gift for you because nothing can be as equal as your care and kind words? I hope GodGod bless your path with success and happy birthday, sweetheart.

I got a chance to celebrate my birthday twice a time year, and I feel so much happy that we have a whole fun day at that time. Be ready, my love to have fun with me, and a warm birthday wish for you.

Happy sweet birthday to my handsome love, and do you have any plans to enjoy today? Otherwise, let’s have a trip for the long drive to make our food fresh.

I want to say the most significant happy birthday to my love on your birth date, and I am ready to make an excellent plan for both of us.

Happiest birthday to a cool attitude boy of my heart, and your presence brings a new aura on the air to make me feel happy, my love.

I am eternally grateful and happy to enjoy your birthday with you tonight, and I also have called many friends to introduce them to you.

Even if I get a million of money, I wouldn’t be this happy when I see you in this dress on your birthday, my love. Have a great day ahead and enjoy a lot.

I wonder why I am this lucky to have you in my life, and it makes me feel grateful even more for you. Today is your day, my birthday boy, and make it an enjoyable one.

You are the best and most loyal boyfriend globally, and I can do anything to make you happy and smile. This particular day is for you and always be happy like this and happy 20th birthday, my love.

You have always played the role of my parents more than the real one and, on the other hand, for my husband. I cannot give enough thank you for this, but be happy and blessed forever, my love.

Being your girlfriend is the best thing I have ever experience in my life, sweetheart, and it makes me feel like the queen of this world. I hope you will be my king forever and a happy birthday.

Whenever I need anyone, you are the only one who stands in front of me to smile on my face, and today it’s your time to smile with a joyful face, my love. Warmest wishes for your birthday and enjoy it.

I see the light on your face and heart when I go through the dark path of my life, dear, and your birthday makes you even brightest than before. Happy birthday

We have many records of a fight with each other and not talking for many days, but the most important thing is I miss you all that moment. Let’s forget all the arguments and enjoy your birthday, my sweetheart.

All my friends and family member says that I am the luckiest girl in the world that I found you as my life partner. Happy to be with the birthday boy today and enjoy it with him.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

Sweetheart, happy birthday on this special day; and I will come soon with your best cake in my hand, and we will enjoy it today.

I am not this happy and excited on my birthday, and maybe I have more love for you in my heart than for myself. Let’s have a beautiful day to enjoy your birthday, love.

Happy, warm birthday for you, my love, and it is so much an extraordinary birthday than you ever have because we will go for a long ride to make it more enjoyable.

Happy birthday my love, and I wish our whole family gathers together to enjoy your birthday and party.

Your smile values me the most rather than anything on this earth, and I hope that you always smile from your heart’s depth, sweetie—happy, warm birthday, my boy.

I don’t feel complete without your hug, and today is your special birthday, so that hopefully, you hug me in your arms forever in your life.

After you go far away from me, I realize what incompleteness is and how we feel when we are incomplete, but anyway, happy birthday, my dear one. Hope to see you soon.

Full of kisses and hugs from my side, dear love, on your 25th birthday, and I always want to say that you are the most charming guy in my life.

We share everything like a kiss, hug, food, travel, and even our dreams and goal. It is blessed to a found man like you sp kind and happy birthday, my love.

Feeling excited whenever your birthday comes closer for me, and it is limitless for me, dear. Enjoy the day

We may be a young one to celebrate your birthday like a couple, but our love already grew so mature that I feel a lot. happy birthday my king

Sending you all the good and blessed wishes of love and support from my side, sweetheart, and be happy, enjoy your day to its fullest.

Can you imagine and guess that how much unique place you have in my heart and life. Happy birthday, dear, and yes, I am with you to see that smile on your face this time.

Your hug gives me a more safe feeling than a haven and makes me more relaxed than any other thing so, never leave me alone, my love—many happy returns of the day.

Many happy birthdays to my knight of life with shining armor. Be the successful man of your goal, and may your path get more comfortable by God’sGod’s blessing.

I hope you feel the warmth of my love from your heart even if you are far away from me, and on the occasion of your birthday, I am sending you all my love and support, dear.

Happy, warm birthday to my favorite superhero of my life and my defender in any problem. May you shine like sun and moon in the upcoming days?

Thanks so much for taking all my risks by yourself in every step of my life, and I am glad that I meet you as soon as possible. Sending you love on your birthday.

You deserve every bit of happiness and success on your path because of your faithfulness and hard work. Always be my hero in everything, and wishing you a super happy birthday.

When we meet, the first day is the best day of my life because I see love in your eyes for me, dear. Have a great birthday today, and sending you a lot of kisses.

After you come into my life, you added meaning to my life, so it becomes so much value after that. Always play a better role in my life, and let’s go to a birthday party, my boy.

Today is when a cool and most handsome man is born in this world to become someone else world. Have the most significant birthday, my love, and see you soon.

Never think that anyone besides you can replace your place in my heart, and I have seen your faithful action for me, dear—many happy birthdays to my handsome boy.

Happy 23rd birthday, the fair price of my life, and praying to GodGod for your long life and a great life ahead with me, love one.

Finally, I got a chance to celebrate your birthday with you, and I want to make it an unforgettable celebration, my love.

My days only feel colorful after you step at my house or near to me, my love. Happy birthday to my prince.

It is all about making sweet memories, my love, lots of love sending to you for your most significant birthday, and joining me tonight for the party.

I wish you each day will fill up with tons of luck and love and many happy returns of the day, my love.

Never stop smiling and believing in yourself, just like you used to believe in me and make yourself smarter than before. Have a beautiful birthday, sweetheart.

Just like the warmth of sunshine comes on every morning on our door. You also get more and more happiness in your heart every day. The happy born day, my boy.

Have you ever seen the sunset and sunrise? There is colossal darkness between them, which shows that life may be difficult, but there will be sunrise soon. Be happy and enjoy your birthday.

I want to refer to you as a moon of my life who light up my path on a night. Always be blessed and many, many happy returns of the day, baby.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

I have brought two tickets already for today’s fun park, and it is the birthday treat from my side—happy birthday, cool man.

How can the most critical person in my life have a little party on his most important day? Have a wonderful birthday, my love.

I send you the greatest happy birthday wish and a lot of hugs and kisses from my whole family side. Enjoy the day

A year may be passing, and time may not stop in reality, but all the moment we have spent together is always in my heart. Happy 21st birthday, my handsome love.

Your honest and sincere nature, what I liked the most about you, my dear, and never try to impress me because I am already too much on you. Happy returns of the day, hero.

I have never seen you as less than a superhero in my life, and I am always thankful for what you have done for me. Be a strong man of my life and a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the most amazing and hardworking man in this world, you have never expected anything from me, but today I need to fulfill your wish.

I am letting you know the love of my heart through my birthday wishes, and have a warm, happy born day, my boy.

Distance never mind when love becomes a real journey, and I may be far but happy, super birthday to my love of life.

There is nothing to ask for more from you because you have given me everything. Have the most fabulous birthday today, and I have brought you a gift.

You have just walked into my life and enrich it with many enjoyable experiences. We wish you a pleased birthday, my love.

Your mother is the luckiest woman who gives birth to a person like you, and happy birthday, handsome man.

May many things come on your way, and you got a chance to experience everything in your life, my love. Wishing you a happy birthday

You know how broken I was before I met you, but I got a chance to fill it again after that. Happiest birthday, my love

There is no biggest treasure than your love in my life and a kiss on my forehead. Always be happy and healthy, and again, many happy returns of the day.

Are there any words that can express my happiness this day on your birthday? Sending you all hugs on your birthday, dear.

We may meet accidentally, but marrying you is my biggest dream now, and I am confessing this on your birthday, dear. Happy birthday

Wishing you a happy birthday on this particular day you are, and you will always be the love of my life, dear.

It is a proud moment to say that I am yours and you are mine in this life, many many happy returns of the day, sweetheart.

Can you imagine that without you, how I suppose to live this life? Happy birthday to my lifeline and heartbeat, dear.

Feeling extremely lucky and super excited to have you in my life as a partner, and I got the man of my dream now. Wishing you the luckiest birthday, my sweetheart, and enjoy it fully.

Warmest happy birthday to my life partner, and I don’t think that I need to tell you that you are my sun and the universe.

Life may show us many up and down, and we need to face them, but the only thing that remains until the last is both of us on my journey. Have the strongest birthday, my cool dude.

You are my soul mate and my family and best friend, dear; always be like this and protective towards me. Let’s run for the party and a happy birthday.

Wishing you a birthday with tight hugs and kisses, my dream boy, you stand alone with me all these months, and now finally, it’s your day. Have a wonderful birthday, my love.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

When I am with you, all the days feel like holidays, and it only happens when you are with me and on my side. Have the brightest birthday of your life

I want to make this birthday special for you because this is the first birthday. Many happy returns of the day, and let’s start the fun.

Because of your positive vibes and thinking, my life changes my love and king of my dreamland. Wonderful birthday to you, my love.

I have never met any men like you who are this much perfect on everything, and from the core of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday.

I want to spend all of my life with you, and I also know that you are the only one who can make me happy from the deep of your heart. Happy birthday my dear one.

Have you ever thought that we seem like bread and butter, where both are useless when we get separated, but together they become exceptional food? Have a wonderful birthday ahead, my love.

When someone calls your name, I feel thrilled, and I know secretly that your name belongs to me. Once again, warmest birthday wishes to my sweetheart.

I love and care for my birthday, man, and I hope you will get everything you deserve along with me in the coming days.

Slowly and slowly, one more year has passed away with your birthday, and our bond as the couple also increases more than any other day. We wish you a super happy birthday, dear.

Many happy returns of the day, dear and forever with me like this in our life.

 Eat loads of your favorite cake I send you yesterday night and enjoy it as a birthday boy.

Most romantic nights were winter and cold when I am within your arm. Happy, super hit birthday to my loved one.

Don’t make yourself fat after eating all the sweet food on your birthday, sweetheart. Happy birthday

Happy 21st birthday, dear, and I have brought many balloons for your birthday to enjoy a lot.

This time I may not physically come there, but I am sending many love and hugs. Have a great birthday party tonight.

Our friendship start after you smile, looking at me, and that day I feel this is my man of life. Have a good night and happy born day, dear.

Thanks a lot for making me feel alive in this world, and now, I wish you your 24th birthday, love one.

Only you know how to bring me in my good mood, dear, and always remember that I love you. Happy birthday my king of dreamland.

I can only say that you have never done anything wrong until now and continue making your best. Have a lovely birthday, sweetie.

 What a beautiful day just like you, my love, and maybe because today is your best birthday. Enjoy the day, and happy birthday, dear.

Even before sending you any wish and hugs, I have prayed it for a thousand times to be safe and healthy for an overall lifetime, dear. Happy birthday dear

On your birthday, I want to thank you for spending a joyful time with even all your families and me to accept me as your girlfriend.

I never think to you that you are the hottest guy for me in this world, and you had made my life full of surprising adventure. Once again, happy birthday, my love.

May your birthday wish come true, and I become your wife as soon as possible, my love, and with that, I have brought a gift for my future husband. Happy birthday baby

I don’t want to miss anything related to you, and I even get an excellent chance to see you growing this big as my boyfriend. I hope our love life always makes me feel better and wishes you many happy returns.

I just want to grow with you in an overall lifetime, and even when we become old, may GodGod bless this opportunity for us. Warm birthday wise to my boy.

I feel so excited to share it with you that you are everything dear, and many happy birthdays.

Even you get a year old today, but you look fantastic and young, dear, and wishing you many happy returns of the day.

  If our present becomes useful, it will help make the future better, so have a great birthday and enjoy the day.

I want to cuddle up to my birthday boy and want to say that let’s merry on your birthday.

Finally, I can see that the wise of mine to falling star come true today, and I see you growing up, my love. Happy birthday

You have given me pure unconditional love in my life, and my biggest dream is now to be your love of life. Have a beautiful birthday, dear.

You have accepted everything that life has offered to you, my love, and I can see all of them in your action—happy, energetic, and motivated birthday to my love.

I got tears in my eyes saying you that happy birthday, my love, you have grown so big now.

Look at the sky. Even the moon is smiling on your birthday, dear, happy, full moon birthday to my love.

After you enter my life, my home feels like a castle, and we both are king and queen of our kingdom. Happy birthday my king

Whenever you touch my hand, I meltdown like water, which means a lot to me. Be happy, and enjoy your birthday, boy.

All your hugs and kisses are like sugar for me, and I want more and more when I get too used to it—wishing you a warm birthday, babe.

God has gifted me as my life partner, and you are more than enough for me in every part. Be a good birthday boy, and stay safe.

For someone so sweet of my life, many happy birthdays to you and wise to have candlelight dinner tonight.

I found the boy who is sweeter than any birthday cake, and today is his birthday. Warmest birthday to my love

You are the greatest faithful and loyal boyfriend I have ever known, and it’s the birthday of my future husband.

 I am not this happy through all this year, which I am right now because of your birthday, my love, and let’s cut your cake together now.

You are the man who brings my entire dream come true and helps me score more in my life. Happy birthday to my love and mentor.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

There may be thousands of words are in my mind, and I also wish to say many things, but if I sum up them, then I love is the result. Stay safe and happy birthday.

Hey, birthday boy, let’s hang out together to have an enjoyable day, and I have a plan for the party at your house to make your birthday unforgettable.

I have never noticed how happy I feel automatically whenever I am with you, my handsome boy, and sending lots of love on your birthday.

Finally, your birthday has come, which I am waiting for the past few weeks, and I am excited that we will cut your cake at once. Happy birthday man

Today maybe your birthday, but I feel like it is Christmas. Holiday and some crazy party night. Happy birthday my sweet boy, and always be happy like this.

The best feeling I am getting from you is that I have found my dream hero, who stands all by my side every day. Have a delightful birthday, my love.

Someone can capture my heart through his excellent and polite manner, and I don’t know why, but it is the best incident to me till now—many happy returns of the day, babe.

My fate is to be your wife, and you are my husband, and I always want to accept it from my heart as you did it for me. Hold my gift and sending you the best birthday wishes, my love.

I am crazy after you purpose me, and I have never thought I can be with someone so special in my life. Warm birthday wishes to my boyfriend.

Your every little thing which makes me laugh and angry also drives me crazy to love you more and more. God gives all happiness to you and a happy birthday, dear.

 Today is your birthday, and I wish to wake up tonight for some crazy disco party with our so many friends. Happy birthday my love, and enjoy the day.

Thanks to your parents for giving birth to an amazing man for me in this world and many happy returns of the day.

Maybe your father or mother must have a kind heart and a good look because I can see it all in you. Happy birthday, dear.

Your name is so sweet and cute rather than mine. That why I love to call your name anytime, babe. Many happy birthdays to you

With whispers on your ear and with a kind word, happy birthday, dear one.

Happy birthday my rising sun in the sky, and I can see your brightest face today. Happy to see you being smart and enjoying your day like a lion.

All the hugs and kisses from your future wife to my future husband on his special birthday and praying to GodGod for all the success that comes in his way.

Not only me, but any girl feels proud and honored to have you in their life as a husband, babe. Wishing you a very delightful birthday at this party and love you a lot.

Your birthday always brings many memories and is a reminder to accept all your incredible fun and a deep feeling. I won’t stop you this day to enjoy my birthday boy.

Be ready with your favorite dress and car to go out with our family, and happy 22nd birthday, my hero.

Time is so much valuable than any currency in this world, and thanks for making me realize this birthday boy. happy birthday

Such pleasant gifts from my life to hand over to unexpected love and thanks to life for this. Happy birthday my man

If anyone searches for a missing part of me somewhere, then he will found in you, my love. Happy born day, and stay safe.

You are so funny, but at the same time is caring and a lot of reason to be with you, dear, which I like the most—many happy returns of the day, sweetheart.

To my cutest boyfriend, if anyone says that loving you is the world’s biggest crime, then the sorry world, but I want to be a criminal for that. Happy birthday hero

It is true that never underestimate the power of true love of anyone, and I know after you come into my life, babe. Have a wonderful birthday tonight.

If anyone asks me that dream comes true or not, then you are the best example to show about it. Happy birthday dear

Even you get old and become bald without any hair or even worst, but I will never stop you from loving. Wish you a super happy birthday

If I close my eyes, you will be the first person to see even closing it, and I hope my prayer reaches your birthday boy.

How much I will be happy in the future, but you are always the key to that happiness. Happy 25th birthday, handsome

Many people say never trust anyone, but you never make me feel that and have a fantastic birthday party.

I have watched many movies and read books about love, but only you make me understand its pure form. Happy birthday dear, and let’s enjoy

Your tight hugs and kiss taste like cupcake found in bakery shop babe. Happy 19th birthday from my side.

Wishing you a great birthday from my soul and want to be with you forever to see all my birthday.

You have always welcomed me through your open arms, and I will forever respect that in my heart. Happy happiest birthday, my love