There are good men, great dads, and then there’s you all of the above and then some. You’ve always been a fun, caring dad. And now you’re bringing all that goodness to the next generation. We’re so lucky, and you’re so loved. Happy Father’s day.

You’ve done so many things unselfishly and lovingly, always putting others before yourself. So on this day devoted to fathers, please know how much your thoughtfulness has meant and how very much you’re loved. Happy Father’s Day!

Strong, dependable, a constant readiness to help in a kind and thoughtful way. No matter what comes your way, with forgiveness and encouragement. A special generosity and always affection, too. When he’s a man like you, then a father means so many things. Happy Father’s Day Dad

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Feelings for a father aren’t often expressed in so many words, but they are always felt strongly and held tightly over the years. Even though the words aren’t often spoken, the feelings of love are always there, and they always belong to you. Happy Father’s day, dad.

You’ve been the best dad there could ever be. A good dad is one whose warmth, wisdom and humor have earned him the respect of his friends and family, someone who makes this world a better place in which to live. You’re the kind of dad who makes a positive difference to your family and the world. And today, you deserve to do whatever makes you happy.


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Dad, I feel pretty lucky because every day, no matter what, I’ve had one of life’s good guys in my corner. Thanks, Dad. You mean a lot to me.

 I don’t always take the time to tell you how much you mean to me and how often I think about you and smile. You’re in my heart, so on Father’s Day, I want you to know that I am thinking about you even when words are left unspoken. Lots of love, dad.

You are genuinely chief among men. You are the best and more exemplary example of what a loving and caring father should be. I am proud and thankful that you are my dad. Happy Father’s Day with love from your son.

Wishing you much more happiness on the day forward. I love you so much, dad. Thanks for being such a great dad!

The way you give from your soul, led by your proud example, and love with everything you’ve got makes you more than a good man. It makes you respected, admired, appreciated, and so loved.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

You’re the kind of father every kid dreams of living a life of love and faithfulness to the Lord and your family through quiet strength, a word of encouragement an affirming hug. Today and every day, please know you are appreciated and loved so much.

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Fathers show the world that love is patience and sacrifice, laughter and advice.  A father’s love leads by example with strong but gentle hands and a good heart. You are great, dad.

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Dad, You're such a big part of our life. That's what makes life so good. Happy Father's Day.

With gratitude for the values you teach and the encouragement you give for the dreams you believe, and the legacy of love you pass along. With thankfulness for all that you are to this family. Wishing you Happy Father’s day, dad.

Dad, You means so much to both of us. Hope today brings to mind happy times spent relaxing in the company of good memories, family, and an abundance of love. Hope today warmly reminds you how much you mean to both of us.

Life Is Great With a Dad Like You. You’re an all-in kind of dad. You show up with wisdom and help, and hugs. You show up with love, always and in all ways. Grateful for that. Grateful for you. Thanks, Dad, you’re the best. Happy Father’s day, dad.

He cares deeply, gives quietly, teaches gently, and loves completely. That’s my Dad. Happy Father’s day.

Fathers show the world that love is patience and sacrifice, laughter and advice.  A father’s love leads by example with strong but gentle hands and a good heart. Wishing you Happy Father’s day, dad.

With gratitude for the values you teach and the encouragement you give for the dreams you believe, and the legacy of love you pass along. With thankfulness for all that you are to this family. You are the best.

Wishing you memories, smiles, and moments to spare, doing whatever you most like to do. Wishing you a beautiful day that you deserve today and always. Happy Father’s Day.

So much of the happiness I’ve known can be traced to your love. So thank you for all your caring and for the life I have because of you. Happy Father’s Day.

There have been times when I needed someone, and you were there with acceptance and support, ready to listen and share your wisdom and perspective. Happy Father’s Day.

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Even when I was younger, Dad probably didn’t say as many “love you” as I should. But the “love you” I offer today understands the sacrifices you’ve made. It apologizes for the times I caused you to worry or concern. And it assures you no matter how grown-up I think I am, you’ll always be my dad, and I’ll always be your daughter. Happy Father’s Day.

Your gentle heart and sweet spirit touch the lives of everyone you meet. And no matter what you’re doing, you seem to leave things a little better, brighter, and kinder than you found them. Everyone thinks the world of you, dad but no one more than me. I’m so proud and blessed to be the daughter of a man as wonderful as you.

When I look back on my growing-up years, I can see so many ways you supported and guided me with your love. You encouraged me to be myself, to follow my dreams, and to do my best.

When I made mistakes, you let me know you were proud that I was your daughter. So today, I want to thank you for being the kind of dad who accepts me and loves me just the way I am. The kind of dad I know will always be there for me. Happy Father’s Day.

You Make Us so Proud. We see the good dad you are, how hard you work, how patiently you give, how unconditionally you love. We know how much happiness you bring your family just by being you. Happy Father’s Day.

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A father's love is steady, strong, and accurate. On father's day, you deserve to know just how much you're respected and loved in return. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Thank you for seeing to it that I grew up feeling safe and secure and loved. For teaching me right from wrong, then trusting me enough to let me make my own decisions and mistakes. For being there, no matter what.  Happy Father’s Day.

Everything you are is everything a dad should be. Dad, you deserve all the love, care and appreciation today and every day. Happy Father’s Day.

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Dad, You and I have shared a lot through laughter, tears, memories, hugs. And even when life takes us in different directions, we always find our way back to the place where our hearts intersect. That, for me, is what love means.

You are the king of my heart, dad. We have shared the blessings of God. Happy Father’s Day to you, a friend I thank God for, and a dad I love.

You have every reason to be proud of the kind of dad you are, the best kind. And I have every reason to be thankful for the kind of life we share, the happiest kind. You’re lovely in every way, and I couldn’t love you more. Happy Father’s Day.

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God made dad, so we’d always have unconditional love, shoulders to lean on, and hugs that feel like coming home. Hope you know how important your job is, how important you are, and what a blessing it is to have a hardworking,  good-loving, no-nonsense-tolerating father like you in the world. Happy Father’s Day.

I’m lucky because I have a love of an incredible, supportive, and strong dad. I am very proud of you, dad, and I want you to make me proud always, and I am always grateful for what you have done for me. Love you so much, dad. Happy Father’s Day.

You listen to me like a friend, you spoil me like a mom, and there aren’t enough words to tell you how much you mean to me. Thank you for being simply outstanding. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

Today I’m thinking about you because I’ve always seen in you an example of wisdom and courage, someone from whom I’ve learned so much. Today I want to say “thank you” for giving me a piece of your heart and for making a big difference in my life.

Dad can take any day from ordinary to beautiful. And that’s just what you do for so many of my days. I’m grateful to have you and for everything we share. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, thank you for everything. Today is a good day to say how much it means to have the gift of you in my life. It means a lot. And I love you for it. Happy Father’s Day.

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Every day I’m thankful that I’m the one who gets to see up close how strong you are, how smart, how incredibly loving and giving you are. Every day I love you so much. Thank you for all the ways you make our family wonderful. Happy Father’s Day.

You’re one of the best dads I know. I’ve learned from you and leaned on you, and I just wanted to say that I love having you in my life. Happy Father’s Day.

In father’s day, thinking of you with a thankful heart for the way you make others feel special, for the vibrant faith that gives you strength, for the love you share and the ways you care.

Dad, you’re a beautiful example of what it means to be family, and there’s no one we could admire more! Happy Father’s Day

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Dad, You’re an amazing man and an incredible father, and I hope you always know how much I love and appreciate the man you are today and every day.

With your unique combination of tenderness and strength, you are a wonderful Father. Warm wishes, loads of love, happiness is sent to you on this special day. Enjoy your Father’s Day!

Words cannot express my gratitude for your love and care. You were always with me, and you care for me like a mother. Thank you, dad. Happy Father’s Day

Daddy, I love you, and I want you to know you’re the very best daddy in the whole wide world! Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing you all the joy you so richly deserve on this day in honor of You! Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day, Dad. Sit back, relax, do absolutely nothing but enjoy your day! No one deserves it more than you. Happy Father’s Day!

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These special Father’s Day wishes That come with love to you Brings warm and heartfelt thanks For all the thoughtful things you do. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, the time spent with you is so precious. Like an antique, you become more valued and appreciated with each passing year! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. You are with me, and I don’t miss mom so much.

Thank you for being such a great father!  Hope your Father’s Day is as unique as you make us feel every day! We love you!  Happy Father’s day, dad.

This special Father’s Day wish is filled with lots of love. We wish for you a day that brings whatever your heart dreams of Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you, Dad, for all you do, all your love and kindness, and for always being there.

It’s so nice to know you are there for me whenever I need you. Thank You for everything. With lots of love Happy Father’s Day.

You’re my hero, Dad! You’ve always kept your feet on the ground even when all around you have lost their footing. You’re always there for me. You’re my inspirer.

Thank you, Dad, for being such a great example of what a father should be. I believe the life lessons I have learned from your example has made me a better parent, myself. Happy Father’s Day!

From the moment it dawns, may your day be filled with everything bright and beautiful. Dad, have the best Father’s Day ever.

Your attention, I just want to tell you that you’re the best dad a son could ask for. So, I hope today you realize just how much you are loved and needed. Happy Father’s Day!

You’re my source of strength, my teacher and my guide. I look up to you, Dad, with loving trust and pride. You’ve given me the foundation to be the best that I can be. You’re my rock to lean on, and you’re always there for me. I respect, admire and love you, Dad. You have a place of honor Deep within my hearts. Enjoy Your Father’s Day!

Memories will last forever. Thank you for taking the time to make memories with me. I am so glad you are my daddy.

Dad, I hope your Father’s Day is filled with peaceful moments, beautiful memories and everything that makes you happy! Happy Father’s Day.

Even though I should say this every day, today seems the perfect day to tell you how proud I am that you are my dad. That I respect who you are and have a world of love in my heart for you. That is why I wish you the best on this Father’s Day and every day that follows.

To my father, a man who I’ve always been able to look up to and who’s always been there to help guide me through life. I love you very much. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you’ve been my friend, mentor and have helped guide me in my life. I appreciate all that you’ve done yet, can never repay. All I can say is, Thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

Your caring has been an inspiration to me. Your guidance is what made me what I am today. Your personal touch has made such an incredible difference. Your love has given me something no one can take away. Happy Father’s Day

Through all the bumps along the way and all the rough and stormy days, You’ve been the one who held our hands, dried our tears and made us smile. When times were good, you shared our joy And laughed with us on days of fun. Thank you, Dad, for being strong, for being there, and for being you. We love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, you have always been there for me whenever I needed you, whether for support, advice or just needed someone to talk to. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Dad – you’re the sun that burns away the mist; you’re the source of my strength. You’re my hero!

Happy Father’s Day from the one who always behaved, did homework on time, never got into trouble, and simply adored you. Have a great Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day Messages

You have always set a shining example for me to follow… It’s good to be your son! Happy Father’s Day!

Today is a perfect time to thank you for all you do, to thank you for the big things and all the little things too. We know you can be busy and time is hard to find, But you always help when called for, and you never complain or mind. Hope you have a relaxing Father’s day because you’re as unique as they come; the best dad anyone has had, loving, kind, second to none! Wishing you a wonderful and happy Father’s Day

When I look at you, I see someone living with a grateful heart bringing out the best in everyone around her, surrounding those she cares about with a gentle, patient kind of love. Wishing you Happy Father’s day, dad.

 When I look at you,  I see someone I admire deeply, who’s the heart of our family,  and the wonderful man. I’m proud to be your daughter. Happy Father’s Day.

God blessed me from the start with a patient and loving father who has always known how to guide me with his wise advice and words of comfort. Wishing my best father a Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you are the one who loves me just the way I am but never stops believing in what I can still accomplish. You are the one whom I owe so much of what I am and whom I love with all my heart. Happy Father’s Day.

You made life full of wonder, filled it with joy and happiness, and every time I look back, I see my knight, my friend, my adviser, my role model, but best of all, my Dad Happy Father’s Day.

As time goes by, I have come to understand the advice you give me, and your words of encouragement are simply your way of saying, I Love you over and again. Happy Father’s day, dad.

Even though you’re far away, I think of you with love and miss you every day. You’re a wonderful dad, and I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, Thanks for all the quiet times together, one-on-one, and all the things you are that make me proud to be your son.

As your daughter, I can’t tell you how comfortable it is to be close to you and feel your strength at times. I Love you! Have a Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Dad, There’s so much that makes a good Dad great. Some of it’s learned, and some of its fate. But there’s one thing for sure; it’s that you’re number one. To the greatest dad ever… bar none! Happy Father’s Day!

Thinking of you with love on this special day. Thanks for being a great dad; thanks for being you.

For all the times you were there for me… with a shoulder to lean on, an opened mind, ears to listen, arms to give a needed hug. My strength, my dad, my hero. Thank you for always being there. Have a wonderful Father’s day.

We wish you a day of fun, relaxation, and happiness. Catch a nap, play some golf, or do absolutely nothing! It’s your special day. Happy Father’s Day!

Now that I’m grown and have children of my own, I truly treasure all of the memories we share while cherishing everything you taught me back then. And, to my great surprise, I am daily rewarded and often reminded of you when I see the light in my children’s eyes. Thank you for everything, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Daddy, it only fits that a day was created to honor YOU! YOU ARE MY HERO! With much admiration and love for the superman who raised me, today I celebrate you. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!