Happy Fathers Day Wishes And Messages Collection

Dad, you always gave me everything without expecting anything in return. You have always donated yourself to our relationship and have always tried to build a loving and friendly relationship between us.

You cared about doing everything differently from the norm, and I love it! I can only thank you for doing things differently, creating me to be who I am, and living my truth.

You are the best father there is, and I am so happy to be able to say you are mine!

I admire you for the human being you are and for the human being you made me. You showed me what is true, kindness, companionship, and character. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.


You have always taken me in the direction of success, understanding, and patience. Everything I am today, I owe you!

There is love, care, affection, dedication, time, and sweat within the word father. It takes courage to embrace this challenge and do a good job. It is important to recognize this journey, this role, and, most importantly, the person behind this word.

175 Happy Fathers Day Wishes And Messages To Share With Your Dad On This Year 2021

Dad… That tiny word hides a lot of feelings, roles, and a rich and challenging life experience.

When I look at you, my father, I see behind the marks of time on your face, every laugh, every tear, and every moment we have spent together. And I cannot imagine how you did everything you did alone, without losing your joy.

You are an admirable person, and I am so lucky to be your daughter! When I look at you, I see the person I love and admire the most in this life.

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My admiration for you is immeasurable, my dear father. You have always worked hard without letting work and external pressures take the shine off your eyes.

You have always shown me the way of harmony and truth, without taking anything from anyone and without putting anyone down.

You always showed me the best of everything, without even realizing it, and it is for these and others that I admire you so much!

Today, I say a prayer for you, my father! I ask the universe to protect you, bless you, and return all the good you did for me.

May the universe bring you all the light that you have got to the world throughout your life.

May I be half the human being you are because you are my example of a person, my hero!

My hero of a lifetime is not the protagonist of any comic book story, action movie, or ancient legend. On the contrary, he is genuine, and I owe him my life because my hero is you, my father!

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Today, on this very special day when we celebrate the greatness of all parents, I want to honor you, my father, who was always present and constant, someone who was strength and stability even in the most challenging moments.

Daily setting the best example, you are the best man I know, you are my inspiration and reference for everything, and because I owe you almost everything, I also thank you with all my heart.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

Dad, being able to spend Father’s Day in your company is the best thing in the world.

Thank you for the advice, for the tears you didn’t let go, for the hug, the kiss, the veiled sleep. My special hero, kisses, and happy father’s day!

Being a father is not only generating life, but caring, protecting, and above all, loving a lot. Happy Fathers Day!

Sometimes just the lap and dad advice will improve the day. Do you know why? Because they are unique.

Dad, you are my hero. You gave me love, care, character, and a wonderful family. I can’t thank you for all that.

Daddy, you are my hero, my king, my inspiration, my greatest good.

I will always love, honor, and respect you because you are the most important man in my life.

My father is my safe-haven! With it, I can navigate calmly because I know I am safe!

You were always my haven, the arms that embraced me when I was afraid, and that in a simple hug showed me that my world was safe.

As a child, I asked God for you to be immortal. Today, before going to sleep, I ask the same thing.

When asked what the greatest inspiration of my life is, I reply without thinking more than once: it is my father!

Your love. Your smile. Your hug. Your dedication. Your. Your stories. All of this makes me a worthy person. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Every woman loves a man: his father!

Happy Fathers Day Messages

The first lessons of life are learned from the father. There is no better teacher, and he is the one who will always be the reference in life.

The father’s job is to pass all the teachings on to his son to follow the best path.

In the school of life, my father is a master.

If there is any proper way to live life, it is my father who knows these things. He will always be my eternal master; I owe everything I am today to the love of this man who was dedicated to me.

In the formation of personality and character, the first mirror is that of the father. It is only later that it is discovered that he will always be your mirror.

If today I can consider myself a man of fiber, hardworking and honest, it is thanks to the values passed by my father.

A foolproof recipe for not being disappointed in the choices is to think about what your father would do in that same situation, what advice he would give you. In doing so, the chances of errors are minimal.

My father taught me that when a man raises his voice, he loses his mind. A real man must always remain within his rationality.

There is nothing more beautiful and accurate than the father’s advice. When he wants to give you information and explain things about life, listen.

Wisdom is the most valuable thing a person can have, and your father has a lot to share.

When I fell on a bicycle, I didn’t think I would ever be able to ride it, but my father’s insistence made it possible for me to ride that bicycle. That was the big lesson he gave me, that if we persist, we get everything.

Paternal advice is fundamental in forming the human being, essential principles to face life, all passed in an incredible way by the one who loves you so much, your father.

Father is a word full of love, even if they sometimes come more harshly. If you follow half of what is past, you will be a great person.

Father is the one who always has a nice word to comfort you at all times. He is the first to give a word of wisdom.

Being a loving person is the main advice that a birth father teaches his son. For this teaching, you don’t need words; you can show love with just a look.

I always wanted a single and sincere love, able to cross borders just to protect myself. But it never came to me that I already had this love.

Thanks, Dad! For loving me unconditionally, being the best advisor, and teaching me to be a worthy person.

Any man can father someone, but only a few are educators, friends, companions, true parents! So, thank you, Dad, for being the man of my life and teaching me that all I need is to have faith and hope in this life!

I am very proud of you, of everything you have achieved, especially for the most significant inheritance you will leave us: love!

Thanks, Dad … For waking me up early every day when I left my alarm clock off, for teaching me to cheer for our team, and, thanks to that, to spend even more time together. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Thank you for always being by my side in all the decisions of my life, for supporting me at all times, for being proud of me, above all.

Another Father’s Day, another family lunch, gifts, greetings, emotion, and lots of hugs. Everything the same as last year. Except for my love for you, which grows every day until the end.

Would it be to cliché to thank you for everything on this Father’s Day? My gratitude must be shown often since the good you have done and do in my life is immeasurable!

Dad, I want to wish you the happiest Father’s Day in the world. And may you continue to be this firm hand that carries our family! Thank you!

Thank you for showing me that in this life, everything is possible; nothing is beyond our reach; have a little hope!

By your conduct, I learned which way to go! You are an inspiration; you are knowledgeable, you are my most excellent example.

Thank you, father, because it saw you that I learned everything I should do in life.

I learned that it is necessary to fight to conquer, I realized that it takes respect to learn, I learned that life is dependent on our will to achieve anything.

May the love that binds a father to his children always be more significant and more beautiful than anything in life.

To those who love their children and are always present in their lives, a Happy Father’s Day!

The longing is immense, and the desire to embrace him too. Happy Father’s Day to my father in heaven.

With an open heart and a big smile on my face, I shout out loud: Happy Father’s Day!

I love you because you are the best and not just because we are connected by blood.

Happy Father’s Day to him, who gave me all the tools to grow, knowing that I am supported at all times! I love you, my father!

More than an incredible human being, you are the best father for your children, and I am proud to have your friendship.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

That time to recognize everything your father offers you have arrived. Get ready to wish him a happy Father’s Day!

May my love travel through the air and find you there in heaven. Happy Fathers Day!

I may not be the best child, but my best qualities indeed came from my father.

Being a father is to exercise for life the most important position that exists!

Father, every second by your side has made you my best example to be represented.

A good father loves and supports his children regardless of the adults they become.

I miss my reflection in your eyes, my father, where I see myself as really beautiful. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart iron health, many years of life, success at work, lots of happy moments and pleasant moments.

Don’t lose your sense of humor, and luck should always make you smile. You are the best in the world. You are our support and our trusted man.

Dear father, I wish you as much luck as you can not carry, happiness as much as you can not imagine, as much health as you do not expect.

A smile has the power to straighten everything and fill everything with light. I hope you have as many smiles in life.

You are a wonderful father, a true professional and simply a special man! I love you and I wish you good mood, joy, beauty in everything, and I ask for serenity above your head.

Thank you for the happiness of being your child, who will always be the baby you love.

Even if the years go by and you turn gray at the temples, you remain for me the most talented and dear man in my life.

Thank you for giving me life, educating me, scolding me when needed, and giving me useful advice. I want your soul to never grow old, Stay just as young, happy and fun.

I wish that your golden hands and the platinum character remain the same over the years, that any problem that appears in life in the end may seem like a joke.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

Your dear smile, your care, your gentle and strong hands at the same time, your heart full of manhood, have become for me the confirmation that the real man exists.

I love you, Daddy, and I wish you the health and youth of Superman, great success and well-being.

Example that I follow and I will follow throughout my life! Example of companionship, love and education. You were the father, responsible for making my life happier! Know that you will always be my favorite teacher!

Father, more than a figure that shaped my character, you are my best friend. You always listened to me and gave me the best advice, you always supported me in battles and helped me with defeats.

May all the dreams that you still keep be realized and that in the days of sadness, you find joy in your family.

What a privilege to be able to live life with you. You make me smile, and you never let anything be lacking. Thank you for your dedication and love, you are the best person

A dedicated and true man, who has always taken care of me and still takes care even in my adult life. Happy fatehrs’s day.

Today is your day, and I just have to thank you for the creation you provided me.

May you achieve everything you wish and happiness be constant in your life!

Father, you are my great example and my greatest reference. You taught me all the virtues that I carry today, you taught me to be a good and honest man and, today, everything I am I owe you.

Your affection, advice, jokes, and stories made me the person I am today.

Father. Such a small word, but of an enormous strength, like the person who personifies it. I wish you, my beloved, all the happiness in the world!

I ask God to enlighten the one who gave me life and was present during it. Thank you for being my father, thank you for being you! Love you forever!

Gratitude spills over in your chest, beloved father. Today is your day, and I can only get emotional when I remember you.

You are my idol and you have always been my hero, I am grateful for every moment. Always be very happy and full of health and love!

Father, forgive me if I didn’t exceed your expectations, I swear I tried, but not all the things you dreamed for me, I managed to accomplish. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

I know I will never be up to you and that I may not be able to be half what you are. But you are my inspiration, father!

I know that maybe one day I will be able to look in the mirror and see that I have become the person I most admired.

There is no way to describe or explain the love I feel for you and the pride I have in being able to call you a father.

 It is from my heart that I say that you are my hero and that I will do everything to make you proud to be my father.

I give you all my gratitude, because everything you did for me was for love.

I know that it is not easy to be a father and I imagine how difficult it was for you to learn to deal with such difficulty and, therefore, my gratitude will be eternal for your love and dedication.

When I say I want to become like you, it’s from the heart. I am proud of the father I have, and I hope I can follow in his footsteps and never let you down.

You gave me love, care and patience, and all I can do is follow your example and love unconditionally from the heart.

Dad, I want to be your pride, I fight every day for that to happen, and I know that I will still be your greatest pride in life.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

If I ever disappoint you, know that I will also be disappointed in myself, but I will endeavor to change this situation.

I am sure of who I want to be and what I want to become. I learned from the best that to be good is to do good and that to love is to be happy.

I want to follow in your footsteps, dad, someday be as good and as loved as you are.

My father made me understand that, no matter where I get in my life, what I do and who I meet, I can never lose my essence and the values that my family taught me.

From him I extract all my knowledge of life and the will to live. With him I lived the best and most fun and exciting moments that I have in my memory.

My father is my best and greatest example, and everything I do in life is so that one day I can be an example to my children, as my father is to me.

He’s the best hero in the world because he’s made of flesh and blood! Happy fathers day dad.

My dear father, only you are the embodiment of a strong man. Good, thoughtful, you are the man who has always supported us in everything.

I wish you a little trouble in life as possible, as many days of rest and iron health.

Let your heart sing, and let your soul be satisfied with everything! Joys and successes, happiness and love! I wish you to be respected by colleagues and loved by us – your family.

I want you to stay just as strong, full of manhood, responsible and brave! Be healthy, even as the years go by.

Always be an example and remember that for me you are the most important advisor in life!

I wonder every day how you manage to combine wisdom, prudence and the desire for adventure. I thank destiny that you are my father – the best father in the world!

Happy Fathers Day Messages

You have always been the example of a true man to us. We want you to stay just as energetic and not lose your optimism. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Just as the universe has no end, so does my respect and gratitude for your goodness, your support, and your understanding.

I wish you equally boundless happiness, prosperity, and most importantly, health.

May the power of the soul not leave you, be lucky at work, and always be warm and comfortable in the house.

Father, I wish you success and eternal youth, but I also want you to have what you have not been able to achieve so far.

Daddy, I want your well-being to always be in our house, and your hair to turn gray from wisdom, not from old age.

I bow before you for the happy childhood you offered me and for the fact that you are with me in any situation. Be healthy, father, I wish you a life without clouds!

We want your strong hands that supported us when we were little to remain the same for many years to come.

We want your warm and loving heart to never hurt. We want your eyes to always shine with happiness and to smile as often as possible.

Everyone must have a living example. Ever since school I wrote compositions about our hero. I didn’t have to think much. I have the man I want to look like next to me.

I want to tell you that everything that is best in me is from you, and we do not both have negative qualities – it is a family trait.

I want you to remain the same: fair, honest, manly, brave, a man who knows the answer to any question and a true example for his children.

I want to wish you light in your soul, great love in your heart, permanent happiness in your home, success in business, optimism and well-being.

May the guardian angel hold an umbrella above you to protect you from all trouble and inconvenience.

 I wish you never to be sad and to remember that in the world there is a woman who considers you to be the most beloved man, on whose knees she liked to sit and whom she calls gentle: daddy.

Allow me to wish you health, as much zest for life and energy. Although we rarely see each other, you know that I love you as much as I did as a child when I walked barefoot through the grass.

Thank you, my dear, for everything you have given me good in life, for understanding, care, tenderness, for severity, fairness and love.

Father teaches you not to forget where you came from and gives you confidence on the path you follow.

You taught me how to behave, how to speak, not only how to be successful in life, but to honor your name. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Thanks to you, I have the hope, the wisdom and the faith to be honest with myself. Thank you for everything you taught me!

Even if the years go by and you turn gray at the temples, you remain for me the most talented and dear man in my life.

Always be healthy so that we can make ends meet like when we were kids.

I wish you the wisdom of Solomon and the success of Caesar, the power of Stalin and the creativity of the mind, like Einstein.

You are a wonderful father, a true professional and simply a special man! I love you and I wish you good mood, joy, beauty in everything, and I ask for serenity above your head.

I want your soul to never grow old, Stay just as young, happy and fun.

Always be healthy, work hard, and my mother and I will make sure we always remind you that you are the best father and husband in the world.

You are the father that many dream of. Remain just as positive and kind to your whole life, which will surely be long and happy.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

Because love and happiness are in the twinkling of an eye, I can promise you that from now on, You will become more beautiful, father. You are loved more than ever.

Thank you for every hug that made me stronger and for every smile that turned me into today’s beautiful woman.

May your worries bypass you and together enjoy all the beautiful surprises that life still prepares for us.

Dad, I can never reward you for all the love, care and support you have given me over the years. Only God can reward you for what you have done for me. And I know he will.

Dad, I want to thank you for making such a positive impact on my life.

Dad, you are my role model, and I promised to shape my life after yours.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful and extraordinary father. May God always pour out His blessings.

Dad, you have always been present in my life, and you have taught me very important things in life.

Thank you very much for being a wonderful father to my brothers and to me. On this special day, I pray for God’s blessings in your life.

I wish you a very happy Father’s Day to the best father in the world who always believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.

Dad, we could be away from this special day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in my mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, and I pray for you. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for your incredible love and support.

Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful, affectionate and strict father in the entire universe. I love you.

Every time I get down on my knees to pray, I thank the Lord that He has blessed me with a loving and caring father like you.

You never lived until you had a father like mine! Have a happy father’s day, Dad.

I just want to let you know that I will always cherish you because you are such a wonderful person.

I hope this day will bring you oceans of joy and happiness.

You are a wonderful father, and I hope your day is as wonderful as yours.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

Dad, I’ll always look at you, no matter your age, because you’re such an amazing person.

I may not tell you this very often, Dad, but I love you with every beat of my heart.

No one can ever occupy the space I have reserved for you in my soul, father.

Thank you very much for all the sacrifices you have made for me to make sure I have a better life.

Dad, I know my upbringing wasn’t an easy job, but you did it perfectly, and you always managed to put a smile on my face.

On this special day, joy, peace and happiness can be your life companions. I wish you a happy Father’s Day.

When I look back at all the sacrifices you have made in your life just to put a smile on my face, saying thank you is simply not enough.

Dad, all I can say is that as long as I live, I will never forget the incredible love you showed me.

Dad, you made home the happiest place for me. Thank you very much for making my childhood years the biggest years of my life.

Father, for everything you have done for us, we will always admire, respect and love you.

I wish you a sweet and happy Father’s Day. You are such an invaluable gift for the whole family.

Happy father’s day to the sweetest, gentlest and cutest man around. You really are one of a kind, pop!

Just last night, I had fond memories of my childhood. No matter what I thought, there was one thing in common. You’ve always been there.

From time to time, we have the chance to sit down and take stock of our lives. We may be upset, but it is important to stay positive and acknowledge our blessings at all times. There is only one blessing I have always had, and that is you. Happy Father’s Day to my best friend!

Parents like you are of a kind, for sure. And, thank heaven for that. People couldn’t handle it like you. Ha! Happy Father’s Day, old man!

I was going to buy you a sweater, but the way you hold on to your clothes, I would see this for the next 30 years.

Guys like you can barely talk to a lady, much less a child’s father. I’m amazed at your luck. Happy Father’s Day, buddy!

Happy Father’s Day! I’d say I just forgot about the day, but I honestly forgot you were a father. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Here is what I wish you a year of love, luck, and money to pay for your child. Happy Father’s Day!

I may not have always been the easiest child to raise, but you have always been the most consistent father.

Thank you for supporting me all these years, dad. Here is an easier road, with fewer bumps and more sun. Happy Father’s Day!

Bandages for my leftovers, the catches when I would fall, and the answers to my most difficult questions … you had it all!

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

Thank you for being an amazing father as I grew up and an even better friend now. Happy Father’s Day, Father!

Words can’t express what it means to me to have a father like you. You support and accept my choices, forgive my errors, and push me forward to do better every day of the year.

All the goodness in my heart and the joy in my soul come directly from you, dear father.

Because of you, I have my feet on the ground, while I reach the stars. Thank you for being my rock.

Not only did you make me comfortable in my own skin, but you pushed me to help others feel the same way.

You really are a father in a million. Happy Father’s Day, Father!

For the man who will always be my dad. Life can be busy, It may be complex, but it is not full without you in it.

You knew the answers to all my questions, and you can fix any pain. I knew little that you would become even more special to me as an adult.

Whether laughter fills the air or tears fall to the ground, you are always by my side. I’m so grateful I’m here to call you Dad.

The happiest of Father’s Days with the man who raised me, taught me life lessons and held my hand along the way.

Only a few girls are lucky enough to have a prince for a father. With you in my life, I have always felt like a real royalty.

From day 1, you have been the role model we have always needed. Confident, strong, respectful and humble. Happy Father’s Day to the man, I’m proud to call my own!

The one who gave me life, let me open eyes to this wonderful world, and taught me what it means to truly live, Happy Father’s Day!

I am humbled and honored that you were not only my father but also my mentor and friend.

Father’s Day seems to be a day of cutting-edge cards, cheap gifts and fast phone calls. For me, though, it means celebrating the best man I’ve ever met.

Thank you for being both my teammate and my life coach. You rock, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Always with a smile on your face and optimistic, so stay, Dad!

May you have all that is best and most beautiful in this life, and may God give you much health and thousands of joys.

Thank you for every hug that made me stronger and for every smile that turned me into the beautiful woman of today.

Be happy and appreciated, my dear father! Let me kiss your hand that raised me and your forehead wrinkled over the years.

To age beautifully! Bleach gracefully! Because we love the light in your eyes, not the color of your hair!

Every day may be yours, Only a smile and joy, With luck may your life be, Clear as in the morning. Have what your heart asks of you: Faith, love, strength! Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

Dear father, I give you a bouquet of color and joy that will bring you luck in life and friends at home on this day.

May it rain lightly on you with drops of happiness, may your dream be a flight of fulfillment, may the hardships of life be your chariot with health.

May your soul be bathed in splashes of joy, may you always have a smiling sun in your path, to have with you dear faces and a guardian angel!

Dear father, your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your soul understood me when I needed a friend.

Your gentle eyes became rough when I had to learn my life lesson. Your power and love guided me and gave me wings to help me fly. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2021.

I love you father, not because you raised me, not because of what you offered me, I love you because I love you.

I hug you with all my love, when I am by your side, and when I am not, I hug you with my soul!

My dear, I hope that on this day you will receive only gifts that will bring you joy, to feel loved and to understand what important role you play in my life.

My little dad, Kind, attentive, tender, patient, cultivated, wise, funny, reassuring…In this card, I would like to combine all the qualities of the dictionary to dedicate them to you!

On this Father’s Day, I send you a ton of kisses and mountains of hugs. And don’t forget: you are my hero!