Happy 1st Anniversary! A first wedding anniversary is a special event for husband and wife. The first wedding anniversary is also known as a Paper wedding anniversary, a sign that they safely survived one of the most challenging periods of married life.

On this day, every man wants to please his beloved with a special gift, but not always gift suffices. Sometimes a beautiful romantic message would do what expensive gifts cant. Here is the list of some messages that you can share on Facebook for your beautiful beloved wife. 

200 Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes & Messages

I made a vow to love you, honor you, and protect you for better or worse, and I make the same vows today and every day for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary!

No treasure in the world can replace the spark in your eyes when you look at me. Without you, my life would have been empty. Happy Anniversary!

I know we travelled a lot together, but I saw your eyes were the most beautiful from all the points of view I saw. 


Most couples usually lose the sparks they experienced on the first day. However, with a woman like you, that spark had no choice but to evolve into a fire. Happy 1st Anniversary.

I must confess, I have never felt happier before in my life. And the anniversary is not alone as a day that makes me feel that way. It’s the fact that I get to see you one more day and spend it with you, having as much fun as possible. 

Without you, I was adrift through life, without roots, without plans, and without a future. With you, I’m whole. 

The one and the only reason I became the person I am today is that I had your love and support to receive me through every difficulty. Happy 1st Anniversary.

Ever since I met you, I’ve gained a purpose in my life. To love you and protect you. After the birth of our child, this goal not only expanded but doubled in importance. You give me the meaning of my life.

There have been many times in the past where you called me crazy. Well, the truth is, I am. Ever since I met you, I’ve been in love with you. And this is something I promise to remind you of every day, both in my words and in my actions. 

I may not be interested in visiting all these beauty exhibitions, such as museums and art galleries. Because just by looking around the house every day, I get my beauty day fixed. 

Today is a brilliant new beginning. It is the first day of another year for us. We hope full of adventure, love, and happiness.

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Today is a brilliant new beginning. It is the first day of another year for us. We hope full of adventure, love, and happiness. Happy 1st Anniversary wedding

Let me tell you about my favourite moment in my life. It all started when I first saw you, and it still works. Because with you, even the years can pass as simple moments. Happy 1st Anniversary.

I never thought there could be a woman brighter than the sun and more beautiful than the stars. And that was until I found you, and you made my world bright and colorful again. Happy 1st Anniversary.

There is nothing more precious; I instead hold you in my arms. When your body touches mine, it is as if I have touched heaven. You complete me, happy anniversary.

Beautiful, graceful, loving, caring, forgiving. These are just a few of the words I can come up with, so I can describe how amazing you are. 

With your support, the long-awaited treasure was born in our home. Put plenty of love in this treasure. Let’s work hard together as a couple.

Thank you for meeting me, falling in love, fighting, making up, and getting married. I’m happy just to be with you. Thank you so much for your love every day. Happy 1st Anniversary

With you, I can live my normal days with great care. Thank you for the happiness. Happy 1st Anniversary.

Endless thanks for every new beauty you add to my life. Fortunately, we got married, my dear wife. Happy first wedding anniversary.

My dear being that made me me. Endless thanks for being in my life. I love you.

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Our united hands and hearts will never be separated. Happy wedding anniversary, dear. 

The princess of my home has given indescribable meanings to my life. With the wish to spend many years together, dear. 

The greatest happiness on earth is a peaceful marriage. I’m friendly with you, my love. Happy wedding anniversary. 

That big day is like yesterday; the photos turned yellow, but the taste of our wedding cake is still on my palate. Many years, always hand in hand…

Happy Anniversary Wishes

I wish you to experience the most beautiful days, the most joyful moments, and the climaxes of love all your life. 

What a great fortune for me to share this path called life with you for many more years in a good day and bad day.

That great day was the best happiness that happened to me, just like yesterday. It was to unite my life with you. Happy wedding anniversary. 

I even forget to breathe my life in these happy moments, as if I’m holding immortality! The meaning of my life is hoping to be together forever. 

You are the owner of my life, the joy of my life, my mother, my dear wife. So glad that I have you. A happy new year of our marriage, wishing you always be with me … 

I love you endlessly; I like the clearness of the sky. Every time the raindrops fall, I love it as much as the ground blooms. I congratulate our anniversary, my love.

The excitement, joy, and happiness of the first day are still in your eyes. It is my only wish to find peace in those eyes for a lifetime. Hope to be together in many happy years. 

I loved you not with a simple love of noble people but with the simple love of simple people. Don’t put a dot on this beautiful love; I brought you a lot of commas—many nice years in our marriage. 

Even on the coldest winter nights, your smile could warm the whole house. You are the best wife a man can hope for. 

Even though I remember why I love you, today is an opportunity to have fun! Happy 1st Anniversary.

For you, I would bring all the stars to earth so that we can prove once and for all who is the most beautiful thing in the galaxy. (Hint: she’s my wife). 

Being a mother is like riding a bicycle, except the bicycle is on fire, and you are on fire, and everything around you is on fire. However, you seem to be handling the flames well. Always coming out on top, being the perfect wife that any man can want. Happy first wedding anniversary.

Meeting you was lucky, marrying the biggest one, best wishes, my love.

Our daily routine is the most beautiful routine that could have happened to me. I love you like the first day. 

For some couples, being perfect means being flawless. For us, it is to love our mutual defects. 

Celebrating our anniversary once a year is cheap because every day is a party. 

Love does not always need great emotions. Overcoming the small challenges of daily life together is the greatest test of our union. Happy 1st Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Wishes

Another year of love has passed, and I discover you every day more fantastic. May our signs come true. Happy anniversary my love!

I can only say Happy Anniversary once a year, but I can kiss you every day. This is the best part of being married to you.

If I could, I would remarry you every day to show you that the love I have for you is strong and intense, today as then.

Every day I look at you, and in your eyes, I see the film of our life. I love you. Happy anniversary my darling! 

If I think back to the wedding day, I feel a shiver that runs through my back; it was fantastic, how wonderful life is with you; I love you with all my heart.

In love, do not count the years spent together, but the desire to continue loving each other day by day.

When our lips touch, I feel the taste of the days spent together and of those that have yet to arrive. Happy wedding anniversary, my love! 

I can’t imagine a single second of my life without you. Happy anniversary my love!

God knew what he was doing when he decided that we should be together. Who am I to argue with God?

If the kisses were water, I would give you the sea, if the hugs were leaves, I would give you a tree, but if love were time, I would give you eternity. Happy 1st Anniversary

The echo of my love and the sound of the sea have two things in common: they are constant and eternal. 

I love you for your big heart, your kindness, and your character. I want you because you are beautiful, strong, and sexy.

The time spent together with you is my dearest asset. This anniversary is a great time to look back on the good old days together and those yet to come. Happy first wedding anniversary.

They say that over time the passion vanishes, and the habit survives. On the other hand, I believe that one thing does not exclude the other and my crazy love for you is the sweetest of customs.

A year ago, on this day, I committed the craziest of follies: I married you, but I’m happy to be still crazy about you today.

I had asked for life only tranquillity and quiet, and instead, you came: a breath of freshness and happiness that colors me every day.

Since we got married, I feel like I’m living in paradise. Admit it: you are an angel in disguise! 

Today is our wedding anniversary, but I’m not asking for any gifts. The most precious gift is the memory of your voice when at the altar you joyfully said that fateful yes to me. Happy 1st Anniversary

A year has come and gone, sands of time keep squealing away. Our anniversary reminds me to let you know; I am grateful to you every day.

My love for you is greater than the cloud and more profound than the sea. It’s out of this world & my favourite thing in the world.

On this auspicious day, I wanted to tell you that wherever I am, I will always think about you and the moment we have spent together, as my happiest time ever of my life. 

I am a tea bag, and you are my cup of hot water. Being wet in you brings out the best in me. I love you.

I never loved you more than I do, right this second one. And I will never love you less than I do, right this second one.

Every time I close my eyes, I can see your sweet face. And when I think of us, I can’t help but feel content. I am so glad we have each other, for better or for worse.

Happy Anniversary Wishes

You are sweet, smart, and beautiful. How come you fell for me? I’m just a nobody, but you’ve loved me for me: a billion hugs and kisses.

I don’t care how complex being together is; nothing is worse than being apart from each other. Happy 1st Anniversary

If you delete this message, it is because you love me. If you save it, it’s because you want me … & if you ignore it, it’s because you miss me.

You have to be a good athlete because you always run in my mind. You have to be a good robber because you have robbed my heart, and I am always the worst shooter because I always miss you.

Don’t give our love and friendship password to anyone because if you want to say this password, I love You, it means he will hack you from me, and you will go out from my hands.

Darling, if you’re the other best girl for me, then who’s the best? The answer is no because you will always be the best girl for me. Happy first wedding anniversary.

All year, you shine like a star. All year love is given, All year happily married, all …. year more sunshine than rain.

You make my whole world go round. You make my entire world standstill. You make my life worth living. You make me the person I am.

If I could reach up to the universe and catch a star for every time you made me smile, the whole night sky would be in my hollow hand.

Put a place for me in your heart and not in your mind. The mind quickly forgets, but the heart always remembers. I love you.

Sometimes, I can’t even see myself when I’m with you, and I forget my existence. I can only see you and you and only you.

Who thought the idea of matching up people for life has a sick sense of humor but must be a genius.

A man in love is not complete until he is married and settled down. Then he’s done forever.

If there is an important key to a successful marriage, it’s sharing – sharing responsibility, feelings, souls, but most importantly, the TV remote.

A good marriage is where two people love each other and decide to screw everything up by forcing themselves to live together through something.

In the Palace of Love, nature itself has blessed our eternal connection!

And the fabulous inspiration you have brought into my life and brought me happiness! My dear wife, congratulations on your anniversary one and only you are incomparable to me! Happy 1st Anniversary

Beloved, I want to give you my loving and faithful heart with this bouquet of roses. Allow your beauty and tenderness to live for a hundred years and not fade. Blossom always and desirable, healthy, fun, flirtatious, and passionate. With love, with your faithful husband. Happy 1st Anniversary

The woman is always a guard. She maintains cosiness, relationships, love, keeps, and enriches the foundations on which the foundation of the family rests. Congratulations, my dear; I am happy to have you, the heart of our family, in good hands!

You exist to remind me that life is so sweet when you share it with the one you love.

On our wedding day, I was dazzled by the beauty of your wedding dress. It suited you so well. In the following years, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of your soul. Happy first wedding anniversary.

They say that love passes through the stomach. I hope you are convinced of how much I am in love with you. I gained 10 kilos from our wedding day.

I thought our wedding day would be the most beautiful of my life. I was wrong. With you, each new day is more beautiful than the previous one.

Happy Anniversary Messages To Your Wife

Thank you for always smiling at me, even when I’m upset with you. My sweet love, you are the best I have.

Marriage is not about finding the perfect person. It means being the ideal person for the one next to you. I hope I do it with all my heart.

Thank you for the thousands of little things that had filled my life to my beloved wife, who still has the same look as when we met.

The man and the woman are two locking drawers, one of which is the key of the other.

You beautify my life like a flower; you sweeten it more than chocolate. THE BEST GIFT IN MY LIFE IS YOU. Let’s be together every year !!!!

Even if I conquer the whole earth, even if the sun and the moon become mine, it will be of value to me if I have you near me!

You tell me those sweet words that I want to hear from your mouth every day.

My love, you thought I would forget such an important date, didn’t you? But you are sadly mistaken because I would never forget a moment, an event that would be kept forever in my life.

My love, happy wedding anniversary, indeed God our father, illuminated our union with his blessing; I want you to know that my life became much more colourful at your side.

You, for me, are the concrete proof that loving is worthwhile and you deserve today and always my most sincere feelings of affection and love.

Every day by your side is already full of joy, but celebrating another year of the happiest day of my life certainly brings even more happiness!

With you, I had my first contact with true love, and I understood how wonderful it is to fall in love with the same person every day. Happy 1st Anniversary

Waking up in your arms fills my whole level of happiness, makes me start the day with a smile on my face, and prepares me for any adversity I encounter along the way. Happy 1st Anniversary

What to write on Wife’s Facebook Timeline

You are my best company, who cheers my life and brings me good feelings every day. Happy first wedding anniversary.

I hope that our union will last forever, that the days pass very slowly so that we can fully appreciate all the moments.

Our love deserves to be celebrated, as we can live with happiness the challenge of sharing life.

There is nothing more stimulating than conquering the same person every day, the person who already knows me so well, knows all my faults and knows even better than I do.

I am very grateful and happy to recognize the value and importance of our union. I am very happy and realized that you value it as much as I do. We dedicate ourselves to our love, to our marriage, and to make each other’s lives richer.

Another year I celebrate the anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life and the best decision I ever made: saying yes to our love!

I hope that this day will be repeated repeatedly and that we may have many other notable dates to celebrate in our effective calendar. Thank you for the wonderful wife you are to me.

Every dawn, I have the purest certainty that I made the right choice and that I could not have a better relationship in my life.

Just the feeling of spending the rest of my life with you brings a smile to my face and brings me more doses of happiness.

You are to me like the most coveted treasure, and if it depended on my desire, we would spend 24 hours embraced.

Every day, sleeping by your side renews all my energies, and when I am away from you, life becomes colorless, as if I have no more pleasure. Everything is more colorful with your presence; without you, I can no longer see the reason for my existence.

Our wedding was the best decision of my life because being a long time away from you is no longer close to my thoughts.

You are the one who made me discover the purest feeling that one person can feel for another inside me.

Love is a feeling that feeds us, unlike the passion that consumes us inside, and although strong, it doesn’t last long.

Indeed, we have already had our moments of fragility, our discussions, but we have always managed to overcome all these obstacles that came our way. And in the end, we ended up leaving with a stronger, more solid feeling and with deeper roots.

Based on trust, mutual respect, and friendship, a love like ours has everything to succeed and stay alive for many, many years.

What to write on Wife’s Facebook Status

The purpose of this message is to reinforce my feelings for you, to say that nothing and no one will make us move away from each other.

Being with you is lovely; we are building our history, and our relationship has given me a lot of joy. Happy first wedding anniversary.

You are a person who purely shows your feeling, and that enchants me a lot. Happy 1st Anniversary

Each smile, each kiss, each touch of yours makes me more and more involved in your universe.

I would like to tell you more and more how happy I am to have you, to tell you about everything that is stored and has been happening inside me. Happy 1st Anniversary

I love you in the three dimensions, the four moons, the four elements, the four seasons, the four cardinal points.

I love you in the five senses, in the seven colours of the rainbow, in the seven musical notes, in the twelve signs of the zodiac; I love you more and more in everything that exists.

I love you in apparent chaos or the perfect structure … I love you as the creator himself loves his creature.

I love you in the wind that comes from the north, on the horizon, in the small fountain, in the pregnant rain clouds … I love you in my nefarious days and my lucky days.

I love you in the leafy tree, in the majestic mountain, in the precious stone, in the myriads of stars in the universe …

I love you in the tiny atom, in the imponderable constellation; I love you beyond any human understanding.

I love you for the little I know about you, for how much I ignore and for what I can only sense.

I love you in the fullness of life, at the end of life … And, after I am gone, in the memories that I may leave, you will find fragrant and throbbing remains of what was my love!

I will love you in everything … In the air, we breathe, at dawn in the afternoon, at dusk, in death.

I love you in the rain that falls, in the sun that burns.

I want to love you in my hours of sadness because your memory only brings me joy. Love you when the joy comes because love is joy, and I am happy while I love you.

Even if love becomes extinct, I insist on loving you. Even if the light of the world ends, I want to illuminate you with my passion. And only the will of God would be able to take away all that love that fuels my existence.

I may seem crazy, exaggerated, out of context, but the reason is that I can’t stop thinking about you.

I knew it was you. I knew it was in your chest that my head would rest. I knew it was in your arms that my heart would settle.

I knew it was your hand that mine sought. I knew you dreamed that I pursued my dream. I knew that I would understand and learn these things that today we see that bear the name of love with you. Happy first wedding anniversary.

I never wanted anyone to arrest me. And you, more than anyone, set me free every day, including me.

When something delicious happens, it is for you that I want to give you the best news. When a ghost torments me, I want you to seek shelter. You are my partner, my love, my most precious asset.

Nothing, nothing at all, is more important than this feeling so beautiful and true. And it grows and solidifies each day, each gesture, each word, each certainty. Happy 1st Anniversary

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Thank you for helping me throw my fears into the trash. I was afraid of love. Today it left.

There is no greater love than mine for you and, I believe the opposite is true because I have a lot of confidence in everything you say to me, in everything you do, in all your gestures and attitudes.

For a long time, we have enjoyed a beautiful coexistence. Coexistence marked by donation and dedication.

If you didn’t exist, the world would be much poorer for me. You bring me peace, hope, comfort, and a kind of wealth that I am not quite able to define. Somehow, you make me a more valid and more valuable human being.

You make me realize beauties that I would overlook without your presence. You have the gift of stifling sadness, feeding beauty, transforming into hope what could become despair.

At all times of the day, afternoon, night, or dawn, my spirit is with you even when we are physically distant. Be sure of that.

Life always reveals surprises for everyone, sometimes good and sometimes bad. But for me know that you were the most pleasant surprise that has ever occurred to me.

You turned my grey and tasteless life into something more colourful, tasty, and wholesome.

I will never tire of repeating that my heart is all yours. Because you only make me feel good things, always comfort me, relieve pain.

Do not let tears run down my eyes, and when, by chance or nature’s failure, they flow, you soon wipe them away and kiss me.

I have something in me that reveals itself in every moment that I see you. I feel every drop of desire in me that I have when I’m away from you. Happy 1st Anniversary

I felt that you are everything that was missing in my life; it is my reason for living. My today, my tomorrow and always, my eternal love.

It’s amazing how you can always get a smile out of me. And to tell you the truth, it has been distressing to try not to show everything I feel. Happy first wedding anniversary.

I wanted to be a blank sheet of paper, so you could write everything your heart wants to say. So you could express all your feelings of love to me.

My love, my life, I cry out to the world the real reason that makes me live happily. You are the reason for so much satisfaction and fulfilment in my day today. Happy 1st Anniversary

I am committed to this beautiful relationship and the sincere love of two beings who know what they want.

I dream of having someone, having a love of that someone. I dream of having a future with someone special. You are my biggest dream, my passion.

With each passing day, I am sure that we are born to each other and that this love will live within us until the end.

Today is our day, the day I take the opportunity to tell you how good it feels to have you by my side. How happy I am to know that I have such a wonderful person by my side …

It is with you that I spend the best moments of my life, and it is with you that I want to end them.

I love you enough to thank you for all the times you made me laugh like a fool, for things that weren’t even so funny that my belly hurt.

I love you enough to apologize for every misspelt word for you.

I love you enough to make you put up with me for a whole night, and after five minutes away, run and say that I miss you, and it seems like I haven’t seen you in months.

I love you enough to put up with me making an angry face or interrupting me when the matter is serious about kissing me amid so much seriousness.

You are my source of life that rejuvenates me every day and makes me grow. After I met you, my life became something magical of charm and, at the same time, of reality and achievements.

I want to live that love for a lifetime or even beyond that life because my love is so great that neither time nor death will make it die.

You are the love of all the pets that lovers have lived. And I feel flattered and happy to know that this love is mine and is at my side all the time, talking about so many things and making this love perpetuate itself through that look that makes me intoxicated with happiness. Happy first wedding anniversary.

A year later, I remember your lit eyes fixing mine while saying yes. And a year later, looking into those same eyes, I see even more love and all my happiness concentrated in one soul. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetheart!

You make me happy, and on each day of this year that we share, you made me feel loved, respected and admired.

I just wish that you are as happy as I am every day of our lives and that these paper weddings turn into golden weddings at the very least. Love you!

A year after we made our union official in a sacred marriage, my heart is full of happiness and gratitude. God was very generous when he joined us, and we must thank Him for that and for all the blessings He offers us daily.

You are everything I dreamed of, and sharing life with you is a constant joy.

I just wish that the Lord would grant us many years of life together and forever bless our union. Congratulations on the paper wedding, my love!

I promise to honor the vows I made when exchanging rings and doing everything to make you happy every day, just like you do me.

A year together is not close to eternity that I want to spend with you. Congratulations, my angel.

It seems like yesterday that we sealed our wonderful marriage, and in fact, it’s been a year. Time flies when we are enjoying something that we like very much. Happy 1st Anniversary

I confess that our married life has exceeded all my expectations day after day.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Wife’s Facebook Timeline

I am happy because I have an exemplary wife who knows how to care for me with care, filling my heart with gratitude.

I love you more and more, and I’m sure that being with you will always be my greatest blessing. Happy 1st Anniversary

My love, today, 365 days of our union are complete, and I can say that each day was unique, memorable and that in all, I was pleased with you.

Our paper wedding is a paper where we write beautiful memories, lots of smiles, kisses, and hugs.

On the paper, we wrote the draft of what will be our life together, which I hope will reach at least one hundred years. Love you!

Be by your side during this time that has passed was beautiful, much better than what I expected. We still have a long way to go, but I will continue to fight every day for this feeling to grow. Happy first wedding anniversary.

I loved every second, every laugh, every obstacle that we overcome, and I just look forward to more life by your side.

Today it is my duty to remember a day of great importance in our lives: the day of our wedding. But remembering that moment is more than an obligation; it is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the most extraordinary and passionate moment I have ever lived. Happy first wedding anniversary.

We are to be congratulated for another year of marriage, for achieving a strong union that brought us to this paper wedding.

It is a real challenge to learn to live as a couple, but luckily I was lucky to find a woman who knows how to make me a happy man day after day.

I want to dedicate all my strength and all my love to make you feel complete with me too.

I desire to walk by your side and make sure that this story of ours never ends. Me and you together forever!

Everyone says that the first year of any wedding is suitable, incredible, unforgettable. But I don’t think you can imagine how wonderful ours was! My love, we are to be congratulated. Happy Paper Wedding!

I know it is a short time, but it is also the beginning of an incredible story of overcoming, friendship, affection, and love. You are the person I have always wanted to meet in my entire life.

Sharing my time and life with a being as dazzling as you is just formidable, something like no other.

I love it when you talk and look at me when you shut up, and even without looking, you think of me.

What we have is a happy marriage, and I just wish it would be like this forever.

Honey, may our paper wedding represent what awaits us year after year, day after day. May this love not stop growing.

A year ago, my love exchanged promises of love and companionship, and since then, I see how committed we are to these vows.

I see in you the person I always dreamed of spending my life with, and waking up next to you makes this dream of mine real.

You drive me to pursue my goals and be a happy person individually and, with that, make me give more value to having you by my side.

I have never felt so happy, and I have never been more fulfilled than during the first year of marriage. Marriage at your side is an incredible thing, a unique experience. Happy 1st Anniversary

The first year of marriage is very important, as it is usually during this time that the couple will learn to live together. And you passed the test with the highest score.