Happy marriage anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law :- The wedding anniversary of your daughter and son in law is a time for them that they should be proud of. This day marks the time that has passed and that they have found that lasting and happy love that most dream of finding. Therefore, you as parents can wish your daughter and son in law with these heartfelt, beautiful messages. 

100 Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes To Daughter And Son In Law

The world is celebrating the most beautiful couple that exists. For the wedding anniversary, they celebrate today: my dearest daughter and dear son-in-law, congratulations on this very important date.

It is a great joy to see you so happy and creating a life together that you will always be proud to have built.

I won a son after being a big boy … And what a gift life gave me: my son-in-law, my love, who today is a fundamental part of my entire family.

At first, I believed that you were a person who was good for my daughter, but then I understood that in you, in your heart have too great feelings. And that, consequently, infect all the people around you, as you infected me with your infinite love.


After years of living together and a lot of love, there is no one to say that you are not my son. We get along well; there are treats and a lot of respect. I don’t even feel like just your mother-in-law.

My dear son-in-law, I thank you immensely for making my daughter happy and giving her all the love and affection she needs. You surprised me positively, and you continue to do it every year with your unique way of taking care of everyone.

It may sound cliche, but I got a son when my daughter married you. Nowadays, we are from the same family and the same good that I want for her; I also wish you.

My dream came true; I have a son to call my own. He is the husband of my daughter, both my son and she. Thank you for this gift, life.

Life gave me a gift, a more than the special person who became a son to me: my son-in-law. Someone like that, with charisma and sensitivity, is impossible not to love.

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My son-in-law, how good it is to have you around. I see in you the happiness you feel for being part of our family. I want you always to remain that person of character, firm, and sensitive to everyone around you.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law

My daughter chose a good boy, someone who became a son to me. I feel the same need to care, advise, and love him as I do for my girl.

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God heard all my prayers and prepared a fantastic person to be my daughter’s husband. My son-in-law is a top ten, a super dad, friend, son, and husband. I have nothing to complain about.

Receive the words of those who welcomed you with all the love in the world and who will never abandon you. Today, I have you as a son, even if you are my son-in-law, and I will always wish you the best.

To my son-in-law, my thanks. You gave my daughter direction, filled my house with love and peace, and you always have a wise word to share. I thank you for everything.

My heart is at peace because I know that my daughter is with a good person I love, and I know that she does well. I feared that she would fall in love with someone unworthy, but that evil, thankfully, did not affect me.

You are no longer a mere relative, my son-in-law, but a son I love having around, and I miss when you are busy and don’t come to visit us on a special occasion.

You are worth gold, my son-in-law, and not all the treasure in the world would be enough to give you. Just that I gave you the most precious of all, the opportunity to love and respect my daughter, so don’t let me down.

My dear son-in-law, what a joy to witness your growth, your mental and spiritual growth. You have become a great man, and, honestly, I feel very proud and happy to have you with us always.

I am not concerned with the education of my future grandchildren. The point is that I trust the education I gave my daughter too much, just as I trust the honest man my son-in-law is with my eyes closed. So there is no way to go wrong.

I feel more complete since you joined our family. Before, we were happy. But after we met you, we realized that the happiness of life could be even more significant and better. You were the part we were missing. And that we didn’t even know it was missing …

For me, you are a true son. I may not have given you life, but I feel that I can advise you, pamper you and treat you as if you were a child of blood. At least at heart, for sure, you are.

Whoever takes care of my daughter so well deserves a special place in our home. As long as she is happy, we are also excited to have you around.

My son-in-law, my son, my dear, and my beloved, I thank life and God for putting you in our path.

My daughter could not have chosen a better husband. My daughter’s heart could not have had a better choice for those who fall in love. You are everything I always dreamed of for her, as well as being an excellent addition to our family. Son-in-law, we are happier to have you by our side.

You and my daughter now start a new phase, a new family, and a new story. We, your father-in-law and mother-in-law, are delighted to be part of it all. Always count on us.

Since you entered our lives, you have become one of us, that is, a member of our family, precious and unique.

We wish you to be as happy and fulfilled as your father and I are, to live in harmony with the man you have chosen to be the father of your children. And that your children are as extraordinary as you are for us.

Know that I am here for everything you need. Enjoy every moment of your new life, and remember that love is more than just loving. Sometimes you have to fight.

You very much deserve to be happy and have someone special by your side. I believe that even in the most challenging hours, you will be united and overcome any challenges. Love yourselves always and very much until the end of the world.

My beautiful daughter, since you were born that your existence has been a source of great joy and great pride for me. You have always been an exemplary daughter, so I have to thank you.

Now that you got married, I couldn’t be happier because in addition to knowing that you are well, happy and fulfilled, I still got a beautiful, wonderful son-in-law and that I love as a son.

Now that the joys you have always given me are double, and I hope that soon they will be triple or more, or whatever you want. For I wish you to be pleased, always, and the way you think it should be.

From the first moment to the last, you will always be the reason for my smiles. Loving you is all I know how to do in life.

Deep love makes me smile in the morning and fills you with confidence for another day. Daughter, you are the reason for my happiness.

And how fast time passes. It’s been a year since you and my dear son-in-law have been sharing the same home. And they are also sharing the challenges and joys of life.

It’s been a great pleasure since I had the pleasure of seeing you beautiful with a unique smile on your face, getting married, and filling us with joy and pride.

Today, I see how happy you are in your marriage and how glad you are together. And that makes me sure that you, in a wise way, know how to build your home. Of course, he also learned how to choose the right person to make his family.

Daughter, I wish you much happiness, delight, and joy. May many, many years of union come.

May you continue to be an example of love, understanding, and determination. This way, you and your spouse will be able to make all dreams come true.

You enjoyed the love of your family until you found each other, and now you want the love you share. May happiness enter your home and your souls, and never forget the love you carry.

I command you: my daughter, be a good and understanding wife, my son-in-law – be faithful and caring, and both to love and rejoice every day, live in prosperity, and give us grandchildren.

We wish you a family life without clouds, treat yourself gently with your feelings, and carefully keep the home.

Always look with the same kindness and love in your eyes as today. And if there are obstacles to your happiness, you have to hold your hands tighter.

May God protects your marriage from displeasure and envy, and my destiny sends you only luck and well-being.

I wish that everything that happened till now will change your lives only for the better, that you will not encounter obstacles on your way, and that life will be full of happiness, no disappointments.

Always love each other like this beautiful day and have a life full of happiness and accomplishments together.

May life be beautiful for both of you, be an example worthy of many generations to follow. I wish you to live eternal love until old age and even beyond it.

The most important thing is to take care of and keep these feelings that you have now your whole life. To protect each other, to respect each other, to caress each other with care and affection.

May no difficulty in your life darken your life. I wish you more romance and beautiful moments. Always be supportive of everyone in any situation.

May the path of life together be easy for you, may your family grow, may your husband’s support always be around, and may harmony and love always live in your hearts.

I wish you to stay with these feelings in your hearts forever, and your marriage will be just as wonderful all the time. Congratulations.

May your life as a husband and wife be full of joy, harmony, and always alive passion. Best wishes to you and a wonderful life from now on.

I wish you happiness, well-being, keep the flame of love for life and go through all the troubles and inconveniences together.

May your family be stronger than stone, and may life be full only of unforgettable emotions.

May your whole family life be as wonderful, bright as it is today. May in many, many years you remember with a smile on your face and tenderness in your soul the most important day of your life.

We are proud of you, and we want to wish you, the young family, well-being, happiness, harmony.

Let your family life remind you of calm waves, which will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions.

Do not quarrel; always find a compromise, be not only husband and wife, but also best friends, and then your union will last for centuries.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen in the life of a couple. Because nothing is more beautiful than getting older with the only person who still sees you as you feel in your soul. I wish you much happiness.

May your union be strong and become the key to your success in life. Remember that you are the support of each other in life. Respect yourself and cherish your half.

I wish young people discoveries and as many ingredients as possible: love, happiness, tenderness, understanding.

May all your desires are fulfilled, may the fire of love not be quenched in your eyes, and may love live in your heart. 

Let your home be an actual city of love and your family – full of happiness, joy, and attention.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law

We want the fire of love to always burn and warm you like a fireplace. We wish you beautiful and healthy children. We hope you a palace-like house.

May the feelings that have taken place in your hearts not disappear, but on the contrary, be more robust and more sincere as the years go by.

Support each other every day, forgive each other, love each other with fire. God bless your marriage for many, many years.

Never have reefs in your life, only the hot geysers of your feelings to boil. Be inseparable, live in love and prosperity, take care of each other to have beautiful children.

May your life together be full of understanding, and with each passing year, be sure of the choice you have made.

Dear ones, we sincerely hope that problems do not overshadow your family life and always together.

I was hoping you could become a whole with your husband so that no one and nothing can separate you. Be the best wife in the arms of the best husband.

We want your love to be tender, faithful, and very patient. May love to be your pillar on which to sustain your family. Do not misunderstand, live openly, cheerfully, and take care of each other until old age.

Wedding day wishes for daughter and son in law

May prosperity and wealth dominate in your home, dear children. Live friendly, appreciate, and understand each other. You have a life; live it with dignity, hand in hand, in an atmosphere of love and loyalty.

We want you to go hand in hand together, forming everyday happiness, halving all joys and sorrows.

My life has only pleasant and unique events, which will give you only positive emotions, and your house will be full of children’s voices.

We wish your life to be more beautiful than the dawn of the day, more serene than the sky and more profound than the ocean.

You married a prince, and I want a long life in front of you as in the story. In a few years, I want you to become a true king and queen whose love will be bigger and stronger.

May the step you have taken bring you even closer and have a mutual understanding. After years, never regret this step, but let your love withstand the trials and become stronger over time. May trust and respect flourish in your little world.

Our dear children, We are most glad that you found each other and fell madly in love. We can barely hold back our tears of happiness when we see you. We wish you many years together, full of love, understanding, well-being, and the best, beautiful, intelligent children, who will be our dear grandchildren.

I want the thread that unites you to be strong and durable, without tears and knots: peace, mutual understanding, loyalty, and trust.

Always live the present moment. Appreciate each other and cherish every moment you are together.

You are so beautiful, so in love, so bright, so sincere. Please stay the same all your life. May God give you health and peace, well-being, and intense passion. Live in understanding and luxury; fill your lives only with beautiful moments.

No rope, chain, or anything else can unite you more than the love that had to bind you on this day of utmost importance to you.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law

May the gentle sun always shine on your house. And if suddenly there will be clouds – let your tremendous and strong love scatter them. 

Be equal, patient, and understand each other. I wish you not to get tired, cultivate family love, and keep your envious and dishonest feelings carefully. 

May there be prosperity in the house and an infinite tenderness towards each other and towards your children.

May your family become strong, may each day bring you joy and happiness, and may each year spent together open new perspectives before you.

Our son-in-law, take care of our daughter and your family. We wish you understanding and love, our dear ones, peace, and well-being in the house.

I want to see your children, who will be my grandchildren and colour my old age. Always know that you have a mother by your side who will always help you in everything she can.

In the life of each couple, there are always minor upsets, sometimes reproaches, sometimes troubles, and sometimes worries. But I wish that only harmony always comes, sometimes again butterflies in the stomach, sometimes emotions like the first meeting and occasionally crazy and happy moments for two. 

I wish you to live Faith, Hope, and Love in your home. As many children as possible, less pain, more money, hot nights, and limitless happiness.

May your journey together be sprinkled with flowers, joys, and happiness. May only happy events occur in your life, and may your family always be solid and friendly.

I am glad that God has united your destinies in loving each other forever, creating a family, and being worthy to be followed by others. I wish you a stone house and only love to continuously fill your hearts.

Young married people love each other, respect each other, keep the feeling like an altar. Fifty years from now, your eyes will shine as brightly as they do today.

May youth, beauty, energy help you go through life quickly, hold your hand, always together, always support each other.

Let your love be as bright as the sun, as strong as a diamond, and as beautiful as the starry sky.

You are so wonderful, in love, and happy today. We want both your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to hug you at your golden wedding.

May your family be happy, and your family life is full of colourful emotions and passionate feelings.

May the magic thread that binds you together become stronger and more durable, and the flame of love warmer and sweeter.

Save and keep the feeling of this day throughout your life as you go hand in hand, caring for and supporting each other.

I wish you to be the only woman in your husband’s life, a faithful friend, a passionate mistress, and a reliable companion in everything.