I wish you on a festive day a conversation of spiritual unity, humility before the Almighty Ram. May true faith always live in your home.

This day is a source of unity, a symbol of generosity, kindness and spiritual uplift. May the joyful mood accompanying you today not leave you throughout the whole year.

Let absolute purity accompany you all your life. Live in peace in your heart, with love in your eyes, with positive thoughts in your head, with sincere words on your lips and good deeds in your hands.

 I sincerely wish you to appreciate everything that is in life, correctly set priorities. Never spare strength and resources for good deeds, constantly strive for something bright and good.

On this significant day, I wish you to remain in solemn holiness, to experience the blessed greatness of this wonderful day.


 Open your heart to good deeds pleasing Lord Ram and rejoice, for you have honorably fulfilled His great will.

Today we will glorify Lord Ram, purify the soul with a word from the Ramayana and congratulate our relatives and friends. Those in need may find prosperity this day.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

May all your good hopes come true, may the generosity of your soul come to the aid of those in need.

May your sincere faith always be with you, may Ram Navami give you a sip of true joy and a bright ray of true love.

I wish the mercy of the Almighty, forgiveness, grace, mercy and the salvation of the soul.

May every day bring happiness, prosperity, comprehension of the wisdom of fasting, gaining knowledge, good deeds!

I want to wish these days to send good and luck, help you to take the right and good path to life.

 Leave all sorrows and doubts in the past, open your heart to good and noble deeds, cleanse your soul from stupidities and unnecessary insults .

May goodness and understanding settle in your house and hearts, and may your prayers be answered by the Almighty.

I sincerely wish you neither a moment of regret, nor a second of temptation. May this day give an opportunity to prove yourself a bold, strong-willed, sincere, worthy person.

May good retribution await you for all your sacrifices, your patience, may peace, prosperity, blessing and good luck await you!

Hearts exist in order to share love. People exist in order not to be alone. Holidays exist to share friendship.

With all my heart I wish you to keep yourself with dignity and courage, not allow yourself to grieve and worry about trifles!

Happy Ram Navami Quotes in English

 Be kind to your neighbors, generous to friends and patient with the whole world!

We will spend this bright time in good deeds and pure thoughts, and we have no doubt that you are going to do the same! And therefore, we wish you to change your life for the better this Ram Navami.

Humble yourself, think that our whole life is visible from heaven and not a single act, not a single thought passes for us just like that! So let your thoughts and deeds always correspond to the best impulses of your kind heart.

In the holy day of Ram Navami, we do not suffer deprivation, but with joy we experience ourselves, not only bodily, but also spiritually.

Do not allow bad thoughts, be generous and understanding … And I must say, in you I know these qualities as much as I know you!

This Ram Navami, promise yourself to become better, learn to feel, first of all, with your heart and make decisions!

I congratulate you on this day and wish your whole burden of the cares of the past disappears. That the soul becomes easy and calm and the most worthy dreams come closer!

Let me congratulate you and wish you to always remain as good and wise under the moon and under the sun as we endlessly love you!

May Lord Ram have mercy on you and deliver you from all evil thoughts. May He strengthen you in faith and give happiness to your homes.

On the day of Ram Navami, it is aimed at material and moral solidarity. Let love, respect, tolerance and peace reach its peak.

I wish this beautiful day, which is open to the brim of prayer gates, to free from trouble and evil, will be a means of good.

I pray that our hearts and minds coincide with what we read in Ramayan and practice in our lives. It does that which counts, not just mere utterance.

Lord Ram’s immaculate grace and exceptional wisdom can conquer his life to celebrate this sacred day of Ram Navami.

A handful of prayer, a hug of love, a warm message closes distances, unites hearts. May your heart be light and your house be at peace.

May the light of Lord Ram and his blessings flood your house and bring you only harmony, happiness and much love.

May the light of Lord Ram and his blessings flood your house and bring you only harmony, happiness and much love. God bless you image

Joy comes from small things. Peace comes from the soul. The light comes from the heart of each one. Happy Ram Navami.

May the holy day of Lord Ram bring you the 4 divine mysteries: trust, light, love, hope. Unforgettable moments with your loved ones and only achievements!

 There is so much light around, for each of us. Let the light enter your soul’s home and you will truly feel fulfilled.

Rediscover the sincere feelings that shelter you in your soul, be better with those who need love. And support and be as warm and loving as only you know how to be!

May God give you a rainbow at every storm, a smile at every tear, a blessing at every step, a promise at every concern, and an answer to every question!

This is a day of joy and happiness, blessing and tranquility, this is a day for reflection, this is a day for joint celebration.

On this beautiful day, we ask the Almighty Ram to appease our hearts with the sweetness of faith from worship. Accept our good deeds and prayers, and also forgive our sins and mistakes!

I wish that Lord Ram will never leave you, help you to go the right way in life, point out the right decisions and give wisdom to your actions.

 Protect the strength of faith, respect for elders and love for loved ones in your heart. Let your days be prosperous.

On the holiday of Ram Navami, I ask you to accept the purest and best wishes for health, peace, prosperity, joy, harmony and happiness.

Let the thoughts in the head, the hopes in the heart and the days in life become clear, bright, kind.

Bright thoughts to you, strong faith, love, wisdom, happiness, peace and joy in your heart. May Lord Ram hear the prayers, give your home earthly and heavenly blessings and keep your happiness.

I wish that in your life there is the strongest – family, the brightest – thoughts, and the most real – love. Be sincere, take care of your family and always have faith and hope!

May this holiday shed light on the path of life and help choose the right path. May lord Ram always help, may the heart and soul always long for good deeds.

 I wish that all the best thoughts and good intentions accompany your path all year. Let not only this occasion, but also many others contribute to the unification and unity of your large family.

 May there be prosperity in your house, may joy live in your soul, may the pure prayer of your heart be sure to be heard.

May Lord Ram take away all sorrows from you and your family, may the star of hope and love shine brightly for you.

I wish you with all my heart prosperity in the house, mutual understanding and love in the family, peace of mind and honest people around!

I send my warmest congratulations and wishes for a long life in the rays of hope and love. In matters of nobility and honor, surrounded by dear and kind people. In thoughts of peace and joy, in dreams of a beautiful and wonderful.

Let a flower with beautiful petals bloom in your life, fraught with pure love, excellent health, an abundance of soul, faith in miracles, prosperity and bright thoughts.

 Be happy, possessing all the charms of this life and may the heavens above you be clear.

May Lord Ram bring joy and happiness, bring prosperity and love to the house, fill the family chalice with kindness and understanding.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

We wish you that the generosity and wisdom of Lord Ram descend on your house, so that prosperity, wealth and cheerful laughter will not dry out in it.

 I wish you family warmth, happiness and prosperity so that nothing would interfere with your joy and enjoy life!

 I wish you spiritual purification, humility and awareness of the truth of being on this day.

May the true spirit of faith and worship of the Almighty Ram live in your homes.

May your actions not produce sins, but bring only benefit to your immortal soul. I wish you to keep the mercy of Lord Ram and his forgiveness.

 May your hearts be open, may God save you from sealing. Remember that everything around is temporary and hurry to do good deeds.

May Lord Ram bless all good dreams and goals and help to easily translate into reality!

May your path be good, may your mercy share sadness with the destitute. May your prayer be answered without fail, may your life be a bright and happy story.

May the morning prayer fill your soul with sunny kindness and bright light on the great holiday of Ram Navami.

Always keep peace and love in your heart, and may your generosity be rewarded with health, success and prosperity!

I wish Lord Ram to reward good life for righteous deeds and alms to those in need, so that light prayer can be heard.

May a clean and bright streak in life begin with clean clothes, may the good journey be good, happy and rejoicing from this joyous holiday.

May the light of your soul illuminate everything around and give happiness to loved ones.

May a good story about love and peace begin with a new and clean slate.

May the path to bliss and joy be strewn with strong faith and blessings of Lord Ram.

May your thoughts be bright, may your bins be rich, may people be kind to you, like Lord Ram is to all of us.

May all your efforts, deeds and donations be rewarded with good health and true happiness.

May Lord Ram send health, peace and prosperity to your entire family for your generous sacrifice.

May pure thoughts be born in your head, may good feelings wake up in your heart, may happy events happen in your life.

Congratulations to all of you on this great holiday! Let your heart remain open, temptations pass by, and let love and kindness settle in your souls.

Happy Ram Navami Quotes in English

 When praying, think about loved ones, about friends and enemies, sincerely wish them all happiness. And Lord Ram will take away all sorrows and hardships from your house, leaving only happiness and love.

Let the Almighty Ram protect you and hear all the prayers addressed to him! I wish you trust, prosperity in the family, strong faith and only good deeds!

May this Ram Navami become a broad road for you to strengthen your faith. May your prayers be heard and accepted by the Almighty Ram.

May your generosity will return to you as the most valuable gifts: health, love and family well-being.

May the soul be bright, thoughts clear and kind, heart loving and understanding! Appreciate the care and support of family, help the needy and be strong!

With all my heart I wish that the path traveled made you clear what is really important in life and what should be left in the past. I wish this day to open a new path for you to success and happiness.

I wish that sincere laughter always sounded in your house. I wish you constant spiritual growth and pure thoughts of the heart.

May Lord Ram bring renewal of life, purification of soul and body, joy and happiness.

May all your good deeds, signs of grace and sympathy be given to you by peace, happiness, love and prosperity.

May Lord Ram protect you, faith will be stable, all days of life will be filled with joy and love, and the house will be a full chalice.

May Lord Ram protect you and your whole family, may prosperity flourish in the house. And each new day will be full of victories and new achievements.

Be healthy, loved by others, let the higher forces always guide you through life.

 I wish the mercy of the Almighty Ram, forgiveness, grace, mercy and the salvation of the soul.

May every day bring happiness, prosperity, comprehension of the wisdom of fasting, gaining knowledge, good deeds!

May piety be kept in your soul. May the mercy of the Most High come with you. I wish you obedience, the fulfillment by you of everything God has prescribed for us. Give each other care and attention.

I wish the highest powers and earthly grace, unquenchable faith, understanding and health to your entire family. Let sunny people, harmony and good relationships fill your home.

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I wish to strengthen your faith, to purify your body, soul and thoughts. To look at life with a new meaningful look and choose the most faithful and easy way to success and well-being.

I wish Lord Ram to help you set priorities, establish yourself in the correctness of great laws and feel the strength, grandeur and justice of Almighty.

Let this time show that you can do everything. I want you to understand what your soul really wants and what your heart really wants. I wish you high spiritual growth, mercy and good nature towards others.

This is an amazing, incredible holiday, allowing a person to find his spiritual harmony, and giving unlimited happiness and peace.

On this Holy Day, I wish you all the heavenly and earthly blessings that will help you in your life’s journey. Goodness and grace to you.

May all your good hopes come true, may the generosity of your soul come to the aid of those in need, may your sincere faith always be with you.

 Let your faith grow stronger, helping in making fateful decisions and supporting in your life. We wish you peace of mind, faithful understanding of your place in the world, harmony and love.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

We wish you to forget about the carnal pleasures and have a good time observing the fasting and prayers. May Lord Ram help you in doing good deeds. Yes, your soul will be cleansed, and faith in the Almighty strengthened!

 I sincerely wish you to be able to withstand any wind of fate, not to allow yourself to break either envious people or gossip. To see the true meaning of life and feel real happiness. Not to lose good faith and achieve significant spiritual growth.

I sincerely wish you happiness and health, rethink your life, drive away all bad thoughts and intentions. May faith and hope only be strengthened.