Never blame a day in your life… good days give you happiness. Bad days give you Experience… Both are basic throughout everyday life…!!! Have a decent day

A child on a farm looks at a plane flying by overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler on the plain sees the farm and dreams of that life. We never realized the worth of the thing unless it moves away from us. Great Day.

Hope you have bad dreams, because it’s frustrating to wake from a dream however when you wake from a bad dream, you are calmed that it’s not valid. Great Day

Simply needed to pop in and wish you a decent morning. Have a decent day.

A day may begin or end without a message from me, but trust me…It won’t begin or end without me thinking of you… See, I did!! You have a nice day!

Luck has a specific habit of favoring the individuals who don’t rely upon it! So Believe in yourself and achieve your Goals! Have an extraordinary day!!

Living in the good and troublesome circumstance is called Part of living. In any case, smiling in every circumstances is called Art of living. Great Day!

Today I appeal to God for you: A heart liberated from misery; A mind liberated from worries; A life stacked with gladness; and a soul overflowing with God’s blessings! Good Day!!

Your thought in the morning makes my entire day beautiful. Good Day!!

The Best Om Is Home, The Best Mile Is To Smile, The Best End Is To Be A Friend, The Best Day Is Today. Along these lines, have A Good Day.

When God forgets to tie some individuals in blood relations, he corrects his mistakes by making them friends…! Have a Good Day!

Now and again unanswered petitions are the best. No one can tell what God has available for you. Continue imploring, no one can tell where God will lead you. Have a decent day!

Do you realize how superb it feels to awaken every day and realize that you are mine and I am yours – Have a magnificent day!

For a Good and Happy life: Love yourself; Romance with your dreams; Marry genuiness; Furthermore, Divorce the ego. Good day!

The one finger that clears out tears throughout our disappointment is better than the 10 fingers that meet up to applaud our victory! Good Day!

Blue is for song; Red is for beauty; White is for love; And Pink is for joy. I wish every one of these hues for you! Good day!

Always overlook Hateful Attitude of individuals. Since they are Powerless Without your Response. Have a decent day!!

Persistence with family is Love; Patience with others is Respect; Persistence with self is Confidence; and tolerance with God is Faith. May God give you a great deal of patience! Good day!

Demand every day on 1) Tulsi leaf, no Cancer; 2) Lemon, no Fat; 2) Milk, no Bone issues; 3)min 1 liter Water, clear Skin; and finally 4) day by day my sms, no Stress. Have a decent day!

If you want to ‘bloom’ like a rose in the nursery, you’ll initially need to become familiar with the craft of modifying with the thorns. Great day!

Try not to trust other people will fill your heart with joy. Simply feel free to make theirs’. Great day!

The breeze on your face, The sun lights up the sky, Look up and high, Because of its beginning of another stunning day. Have a decent day.

Life is just voyage once; the present minute turns into tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy each minute because the endowment of life will be life itself. Have a pleasant day.

In God’s eyes, love is never absent. In God’s grasp, no one is ever alone. God Bless!

everybody desires happiness, nobody desires pain, but it’s impossible to get a rainbow, without a little rain. Have a great day!

A smile is the lighting arrangement of the face; the cooling arrangement of the head; Furthermore, the warming arrangement of the heart!

Just a fish knows the wonder of the ocean. Just decent people know the brilliance of God. Have a Great Day.

A decent heart can win numerous relationships; A considerate mindset can win numerous great hearts! Have A Good Day!

Not the day just, yet all things have their morning. Invigorate yourself and have a decent day.

Inconveniences are like a washing machine. They wind, turn and thump us around but at last we turn out more brilliant than previously… Have a pleasant day!

Put your left hand over your right shoulder then your right hand to one side shoulder. There! ‘I’ve simply given you a morning hug…have a decent day dear.

Tune in to your senior’s recommendation, not because they are in every case right but rather because they have more encounters of being off-base… It’s a delightful day!

Smile is the Electricity and Life is a Battery at whatever point you Smile the Battery gets Charges and A brilliant day is Activated So keep Smiling … ..Have a Nice Day.

Life never is in the manner in which we need it, but we can live it the most ideal way. There is no ideal life, yet we can fill it with immaculate Moments… Have a Good Day!

If a relationship turns out to be excessively agonizing, let it proceed to spare yourself. Remember: You will most likely discover new love however never another you! Good day!

Open your mind get my wish, Open your heart get my love, Open your eyes, and get my smile. Open your mobile and get my SMS. Great day…

Life is a voyage to try accomplishing new achievements each day. Good Day!

Every issue are stuck among psyche and matter. If you don’t worry about, it doesn’t matter. Have a decent day!

Proclaim yourself a champion toward the beginning of the day for conquering clear life fights you are going to look throughout everyday life. Great Day!

Try not to let simple things a chance to get you down. You have numerous motivations to admire God and express thanks. It will be an extraordinary day!

Individuals are incredible, if they can locate their very own faults; they’re more prominent, if they correct themselves; and most noteworthy if they acknowledge and love others with their faults. Good Day!

As you climb the steps of success, check once in a while to ensure it is inclining toward the right wall”. Good Day

We arrived in the world one day, leave this world in one day and can change in one day. Anything can occur in only one day. Good day!

Night has finished for one more day; Morning has arrived uncommonly; May you smile like the radiant beams; and leave your stresses for other day. Have a pleasant day!

Floweful Morning! Joyful Evening! &Peaceful Night! Be Happy. It is going to be A Fantastic Day for you… Have a Good Day

Each day do something that may draw you nearer to a superior tomorrow. Good Day!

Smile and let everybody realize that today, you’re much stronger than you were yesterday. Great Day!

I feel your adoration in my heart, your glow in the night, your chuckling in the air and your fingers in my hair. You contact me and I Love you. GÔÔD Day

I woke up with an extraordinary sentiment of a void. Why? You weren’t close to me. I long for us to be as one, child. I trust you’ll have an extremely pleasant day.

I longed for you. Furthermore, I trust it’s a decent sign. Hello, dear. I wish you an extraordinary day ahead.