Merry Christmas and happy new year wishes and messages collection :- New Year is approaching, bringing the new opportunity to achieve new goals, challenges, and changes that are always welcomed by all. Family and friends become even more loving on holiday like this, so they deserve the most beautiful messages for the New Year and Christmas.

This special period of the year also carries a special message to wish the holiday to loved ones differently. There are many ways to wish for health, love, and success, making the wish more personalized. Here are some New Year and Christmas wishing suggestions that you can share with friends and family.

200+ Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Wishes & Messages

We hope you will be surrounded by the scent of flowers on a holy night and will be able to bring you a lot of happiness that you cannot hold.

May the candlelight of Christmas night bring you warmth and fragrance.  

In this joyous season, I give you my true blessings and pleasant thoughts. May your Christmas this year be brighter than in previous years.  


May your Christmas be full of warmth, peace, and happiness in reuniting with your loved ones.

May your Christmas be full of warmth, peace, and happiness in reuniting with your loved ones. Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Wishes Image

Christmas is such a good time: The fire is burning. The flowers are fragrant. The wine is fragrant. The blessings are good. The love is new.

Even if there is nothing, as long as there is love, it is enough. 

Christmas is the most humane and benevolent season. It is like a sunny June with roses scented in fragrance. 

May the joyful song haunt you all the time, fill your life with happiness and joy, and bathe in endless pleasure forever. Merry Christmas!

We wish you a better and more fulfilling tomorrow than the dawn of the approaching New Year.

Let’s say goodbye to you this year with positive hope and a smile on our faces. We wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year, Dear! 

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Wishes

The old year is gone carrying with it all the problems and pains. The new year is waiting for us at the door to fulfil all our new hopes. Happy New Year.

Now that the New Year is getting closer and closer, I am thinking of all the blessings of this past year. I am grateful to many important people, including you. No one knows what the New Year has in store for us, but you can expect another holiday card from me.

Meeting you has been my Master in true friendship. In the New Year, I hope I deserve your love and warmth.

Keep your spirit and determination steadfast, and you will always walk on a path of glory. With courage, confidence, and effort, you will achieve everything you desire.

After with the old, before with the new – everything in between be happy for you! Happy New Year!

I wish you new hopes and aspirations in this New Year, together with your diligence, courage, and commitment to achieve them.

I wish the New Year to give you the strength to face the challenges of life and the courage to calm the waters, and to have everything under control in every step you take! It’s New Year, darling!

The new year is like a pure white page to start from scratch. You have a pencil in your hand. So write to yourself about the most beautiful chapter of life.

Every time you look me in the eye, I give up and experience indescribable sensations. Please do this more often in this coming new year.

Colours like the rainbow and brightness like the sun, the scent of roses, and full of joy be all New Year’s days.

Happy New Year Messages

Another year came to an end. Say goodbye and welcome the New Year, start the challenges without fear, and keep the beautiful memories strong.

While everyone else is silently waiting for what will happen, you continue to shine in every performance year after year. Continue to be extraordinary and make beautiful things happen again.

Faith is something that never leaves you in the lurch and never lets you fall. In the coming year, pray that you never lose faith.

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Cross your fingers, leaving behind what went and welcome the future. Wait for happiness with joined hands. Start the countdown by announcing the departure of an old year and the beginning of a new one. 

The air is cold, not the heart. These are days full of love, for every wish of yours to come true, best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

The most beautiful things in life are not under the trees, but in the people close to you in special moments. Merry Christmas!.

May the Christmas atmosphere fill your heart. I wish you a Christmas full of love, affection and happiness! 

I wish you gifts of joy, happiness, and love. A happy hug and Merry Christmas!.

Best wishes for Christmas are those made from the heart, just like those I send you in this message!

I wish you a Christmas in which Peace, Joy, and Harmony are the protagonists.

It is the day when Jesus Christ came into the world in love. A day of forgiveness, optimism, a day when love triumphs. Thanks to God in prayer for the redemption that we have saved the world on this holiday.

On this day, I want you to have bright ideas and good deeds. Smile to the world, open your soul to good, do not pursue vain temporary pleasures, and live in peace and grace in your heart!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and I want to you eternal light in your hearts and eternal, sincere love. He will take care of all our problems, God will protect our family from jealousy and ruin, and everyone will be healthy and happy.

A person who makes no mistake can usually not do anything. We hope that our mistakes will be low and our success will continue in this new year.

An additional 365 days have been deposited into your account number 2021 at the affection branch of the Happiness bank. 

You may want the New Year to be like the arithmetic in which happiness develops, sorrow is removed, money is added, and problems are solved. 

Christmas comes on the eve of the family, and the hearts of loved ones are filled with warmth and love. In these moments, you can wish everyone to feel the magic of the upcoming holiday and, of course, make the dearest dream come true. 

During a magical holiday, I wish happiness, love, joy, loyalty, care, peace, and comfort to enter the house and all the bitterness and pain to come out of the door.

The most important thing is to wish you is good health so that you have time to enjoy all the gifts and charms of life! Mutual love so that life looks fresh according to taste—material wealth to live an independent life.

So life is good in every way, and well-thought-out dreams come true, and don’t be disappointed! May the coming year be full of life’s colours like an open book with empty pages! So every day, the page of this book is full of only pleasant bright inks! 

The Christmas holiday magically creates an atmosphere around and makes the life of friends magical! I wish this magic would not stop all 365 days! 

Let all problems and sorrows go to the sparks of glasses and sparkles on this magical night, but the smiles of friends, kindness, and happiness remain at home.

The new year is a holiday season when we break down the last year’s results and set goals for the next. 

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Wishes

May the New Year be happier, and may your dreams come true, may you be surrounded by a soft blanket, may the chances smile with a warm mother’s smile!

I wish everyone perfect harmony in the New Year. Harmony in everything. Let all the most beautiful things happen to you be a black stripe of your life, and in the new year, there will be a new stripe – white. And more – joy! And believe! Of course, good luck and if not, hope! Happy New Year!

Let your enemies help you feel the joy of life and help your friends overcome all obstacles. Let challenges give you invaluable experience and inspiration to help you make a better life. 

We wish you renewal and purity in the new year – in everything and at all times. 

Let your life turn into a fairy tale under the crystal flicker of your glasses: May peace, tranquillity, and bright joy reign next year. 

Let there be only sincere smiles around, and all the problems and difficulties will remain in last year. Happy New Year!

A few more hours – and midnight will tell you that another year has passed and a new one is coming. We do not know what the New Year will bring, but we do not want to hide the curtain of the future from us. 

In the last hours of the old year, we think more about it than about the following year because all hope for the future is connected with those who have already lived and experienced it. 

Let us remember only good and pleasant memories of the old year, and it will allow us to look to the future with courage and joy.

The brightest, most joyful, and beautiful holiday has come. I congratulate all and wish you love, kindness, joy and happiness, good luck, and success.

Happy New Year Messages

Congratulations on the New Year and Christmas holidays; let us remember what it is and what will be said to children and grandchildren. Of course, they will celebrate the arrival of a new era in life, which will be a thousand times better than all the previous ones.

When the stars shine on Christmas Eve, may your favourite and best wishes come true? 

Let the future bring an understanding of the meaning of existence and awareness of our happiness! Let the past come only with bright memories and let the present be joyful and successful.

On such a bright holiday, which gives people faith in miracles and deliverance from suffering. I wish confidence in the best because, at the same time, a person with a pure spirit will receive great joy and live a happy and long life. Because the birth of Christ brings extra strength and an invincible spirit.

This holiday is characterized by special kindness, light, and warmth. With all my heart, I wish you happiness and success in all your endeavours. 

We sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming holidays – New Year and Merry Christmas! May next year be a year of new successes and productive work.

New Year is beating in our windows! And even the most fierce hearts are full of anticipation. In these magical New Year’s Eve moments, I would like to be optimistic for adults and confident for children that everything will work in a new and most successful way with a fresh hour! 

Be content with the healthy growth of your children and the health of your parents. Try to argue and bring prosperity and heartfelt satisfaction to the house. 

Let love reign in the heart – for your loved ones, for life, for peace. I wish you a great new year!

Let this year be remembered for its bright events, exciting travels, and successes at work.   

May you do not have to pay for a dentist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, proctologist, orthopedist, psychiatrist, and plumber. Be healthy and happy !!!

Make your favourite dreams come true, discover new horizons for yourself, and live in harmony with the world every day.

Let the management appreciate you and grow your career, financial difficulties will lose their way to your door, and pleasant surprises do not end there!

Open your heart to love and a new dream, never sit down, find a new hobby, and move forward with confidence. Surround yourself with worthy people, enjoy every sunset and dawn, breathe full of happiness!

Choose a happy path for yourself. Remember that I will come to your rescue and support you at any moment. Imagine, love, and enjoy every minute of your life!

I want your life to be as bright and playful as a champagne spray! Pay attention and do not be sad about trifles, travel, falling in love, and never face financial difficulties!

Happiness, chance to become your constant companion, health does not leave your home, and only honest, kind people appear on the doorstep with pleasant surprises.

Thank you for your kindness, honesty, and willingness to help in difficult times. May the coming year not take away anything valuable for you but significantly increase everything dear to your soul!

I wish the coming year more bright colors, joyous moments, and as much happiness as you deserve in your life! Swim with compliments, succeed, be surrounded only by people who love and appreciate you!

So, we have reached a new stage, so the path behind it will be filled with pleasant surprises, recent meetings, romantic moments, and the smiles of your loved ones.

The unchangeable rule is that there is no immutable rule. We wish the new year to bring success, health, and plenty of money with the happiest changes.

Ho ho ho! Happy New Year! Say hello to a brand new year with love, lovers, and loved ones.

We hope you will be without umbrellas under the rains of happiness… Many happy years.

I congratulate your new year to wish that the new year will bring peace and happiness to all of our humanity and country. 

With the wish of a year full of love and peace, you will feel the timbre of the love composition in your heart. May your hopes will be reinforced with friendships; your smiles will never end.

Happy New Year Messages

May the New Year always be accompanied by creative inspiration and creative initiative. May you never leave the feeling of warmth of loved ones, understanding the team, respect for colleagues and friends. 

May you have inexhaustible energy, implementation of planned plans, success, great mood, peace, and harmony in the New Year!

We wish you a dignified continuation of your work, fruit, and success in all endeavours! May the year be rich and generous with positive emotions and events. And do not forget that to be independent means to choose your destiny and path.

Christmas should be the same as Santa Claus: magical, cheerful, and generous.

May these holidays give you back the excitement of when you were a child, the pleasure of youth, and the calm of your home.

May Christmas penetrate your heart and stay there for the rest of the month.

Christmas Eve has magic that is based on transforming all our dreams into reality.

The person who does not carry Christmas in his heart is not under the tree.

Enjoying the company of a happy family is the best Christmas gift.

Christmas is a hope of the times to come, with all that is to be achieved, whether possible or not.

If you found a man coming down from the chimney and dressed in red to put you in a sack, do not be afraid: I have asked you for a Christmas present.

May this new year never run out of threads to embroider all your dreams. Happy year!

A toast for those who are not, for those who cannot be, and those who are not allowed to be. 

May the shit we did this past year serve as fertilizer for next year. 

Not to bother, but from now on, you have to be strong! The Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them, the time to embrace all the family and friends that we have been trying so carefully to avoid all year round. 

Always remember that life is made of moments and that it is precisely these that give it meaning, so I toast for you and a new year full of beautiful moments!

Not to bother but if your purpose for this new year is to diet to lose weight, forget it. I come from the future, and I know for sure that you will continue to be fat. Happy year!

Tonight I looked at the sky and realized that there are still many stars left, so now I know for sure that this new year we can continue to ask for wishes.

I wish you with all my heart that you enter a world where everything is as perfect as you every night when you close your eyes.

This New Year, be careful what you ask for. Sometimes dreams come true, and the consequences are unpredictable.

This New Year goes ahead and does what you can with what you have because the truth is that everyone has to row with the oars that life has given them. For a year full of bonanzas!

This New Year reminds us that Karma has no menu and that it always serves what one deserves. For a year full of good hits!

For a fantastic New Year! Because together, we are sure that we can make possible what we were once told we would never achieve.

This New Year, you will walk, you will advance, you will laugh, you will retreat, you may find yourself sad and dull, you may stumble and fall exhausted. But I know for sure that then you will get up, follow and fight, and in the end, you will find the way. So have a pleasant trip and a happy new year!

The festivities will soon end, and The Hunger Games will begin. Good luck, everyone!

This New Year, no matter what your days are like, what matters is that you always come home with your head held high.

If your intentions for next year don’t scare you, it’s because they’re not big enough.

It is not revenge; it is Newton’s law; for each action, there is a reaction. So for a New Year full of positive responses.

To those who have turned their backs on us in the past year, New Year will force them to look us in the eye. While … We will continue to stand!

It’s not to bother, but the years go by, and it gives me the feeling that instead of maturing, we are fermenting. Hopefully, this New Year will be a good vintage!

This New Year doesn’t do anything that doesn’t come out of your heart because anything that doesn’t come out of this place will be a mistake. For a new year full of love!

This New Year continues to smile, enjoy, live life for moments, take advantage of moments. Be grateful, genuinely love, leave footprints, discover new paths, travel, dream, dance, wake up late, enjoy the rain, forget the certainties, insist, persist, resist, and above all, never, never give up on anything.

This New Year, pull, tidy, and organize; nothing takes your energy more than a messy space full of things from the past that you no longer need. For a very, very tidy new year!

Some madnesses are poetry, others with no name, some that have no date, and others who do not care. Whatever it is yours, I hope that New Year you thoroughly enjoy it.

I have decided that next year I will treat people precisely as they have treated me. Some will be very happy; others should start worrying. For a more balanced New Year!

Even if this year has not been as you expected, never stop dancing. That’s what life is all about, music! For a New Year full of magical notes!

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Wishes

I have been a lucky man because this year, nothing has been easy for me. For an even more challenging New Year!

And if this New Year chance takes you far, may the Gods of all religions keep your way, and may the birds accompany you and caress your stars.

May this New Year be the clearest example of when a farewell becomes a true blessing.

My purpose for this New Year is simple, just play. Whoever treats me well, I will treat him better, and whoever treats me like a game, I will be the one to teach him to play.

I have decided that I will have no beginnings from this year because I prefer endings and be able to be happy. For a New Year full of happy endings!

This New Year, whatever you decide to do, is sure to make you happy. For a New Year full of beautiful dawns.

This New Year, collect moments, share, create, get comfortable, put stress aside, and enjoy the here and the right now.

Let’s see! This year, it’s time to take off our crown and put on our armour. Life is putting us to the test, and we have to prove what we are made of. Are you ready? So let the New Year games begin!

We live conditioned by our decisions, but we are much more than our mistakes. We dream of the impossible, but we work miracles every day. We take on our mistakes, and that is precisely what makes us strong. So this New Year, let’s move on, let’s keep walking.

This holiday season, I decided to give you a notebook, but not just any notebook, one where you can write each of your dreams in detail. Hopefully, they don’t stay in the notebook this New Year, and you can make them a reality. 

This New Year, we begin to free ourselves from everything that is not healthy for us: situations, people, politicians, unjust laws, tastes, and other things. Some will say it’s selfishness, but we know full well it’s just self-love. If this year we have closed the doors of justice, I wish for New Year to open those of the revolution.

The year will end soon- Don’t forget to close circles and put points and end. You are about to experience a lot of amazing stories. Do not waste them bringing into the future a past that will soon cease to exist.

Sooner or later, life will hold us accountable. Both for what we have done and for what we have not done, both for what we have said and for what we have kept silent. Some will be very happy, but others should start worrying.

I wonder if this New Year, we will finally stop fighting to start making our dreams come true because the truth is we can’t do both at the same time. For a new year with more actors and fewer protagonists! May this New Year happen to you despite everything being beautiful and good!

Free astral prediction for this new year. Luck: the stars will smile at you. Health: The stars are still smiling. Sexual activity: the stars do not stop laughing. Merry Christmas!

Currently, there are 66,000 people making love in this country, 15,820 are finishing, 19,965 are starting, 28,819 are in complete pleasure, and there are only one reading messages.

This year I had planned to congratulate only the people I like, and it is important in my life, but in the end, I will send messages to the usual ones … Merry Christmas.

This year I will only congratulate the people who care about me. When you look in the phone’s diary and read their name, you will miss a smile. Happy New Year.

You spend your life waiting for something to happen and in the end, the only thing that happens in life … In this new year don’t wait, make it happen !! Happy year!

Close your eyes, think about everything that made you smile last year, and forget about other things … I hope these smiles multiply for you by this year. Happy New Year.

There are 2 days a year on which you can do nothing: YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW: only today you can forgive, smile, dream, love, feel … Happy New Year !!

I have crossed paths with happiness and asked her to leave two things in your home: health and love for this new year.

If you have an incomplete dream, you will have a goal to achieve. Happiness is a mixture of dreams and realities.

This stage is crucial to get rid of old grudges and wounds. Let’s start with looking ahead and a positive approach to life. I wish you a happy new year and much well-being for you and your family.

Happy year! I hope that your routine becomes surprised, the annoyances into smiles and the sadness into hopes, that your flag is love and your language kisses.

The new year is the best time to reject old wounds and resentments. Let’s start this year by looking up and looking at life from a positive angle. I wish you a happy new year and that you have a lot of prosperity and health.

This year, I want to give you two words that will open many doors for you: Pull and Push. Merry Christmas!

I wish you as much luck as rain has dropped, as much love as rays of light the sun has, and as much health as sand the desert has. Merry Christmas!

If your happiness depends on my friendship, you can consider yourself the happiest person in the world. Merry Christmas!

If my smile serves as an ornament to you this Christmas, count on her. If my heart brings you happiness and mercy, it is all yours. I just want you to have a Merry Christmas!

There was one more year left that made us work better, kinder, and taught us something! And as always, we were together, one team that allowed us to get to know the tasks and succeed in the common cause! We wish you new ideas and discoveries in the new year!

 I wish you, first of all, good health, to enjoy everything with the best kindness that life has to offer! We want to you love because those who do not love do not live but only exist. I wish you material prosperity because, without money, there is no freedom. And it may all be well with your loved ones.

New Year will enter your home, decorated with Christmas tinsel and colourful garlands. Meet him with joy, smile, and hope, and he will surely fulfil all your dreams. 

My Christmas present is priceless, it does not matter, you will not see my Christmas present in the window, but you will feel it in your heart. You will see my present in my eyes … my Christmas present is only … my boundless love !!!

I met an angel this morning, and he asked me, What is your cherished wish? I replied I want you to protect the person who reads this message. Merry Christmas. I want you always to be close – not just for Christmas, but for the whole year.

I do not want colorful lights that decorate the festive streets; I do not want bright dresses and noisy parties. At Christmas, I want a smile that will brighten your face with joy … I want a little angel who will always be with us and who looks like you and me. For Christmas, I want to give it to you with all my heart, because that was my whole love.

Congratulations on the upcoming New Year, and Merry Christmas! Let next year be a year of new achievements and fruitful work. Let thoughtful people, partners, and friends help you with this.

This day takes away all the colors that do not exist, from hope, joy, love, and shines around us as a light. This scattered light shines on each of our homes. Each of us will have a feeling in our hearts from this festive evening until the next New Year, which will lead us to hope for the following year. May the New Year bring happiness, prosperity, and good fortune to every family!

Every New Year, I thank you for every opportunity in the world! All this is due to you, who worked hard for our future and brought up our parents well. To me, your mood is as white as snow, and your character is as soft as snow. I don’t want to see the cold of January on your eyelids and the frosty look of February on your face. 

May all your dreams come true, and may your heart be warm! You are as dear to me as Santa Claus, whom I always miss! But I love you not because of the gifts you give, but simply because you are with me!

Time is like a giant ship that no one can stop. With the help of that ship, we can mingle with the waves of life, struggle to reach the shores of childhood, and today we have reached adulthood. There are enough people who have won the fight on this long road, who have lost and gone down the stream. I want you to be one of the first. 

Overcome the many challenges and hardships that lie ahead with wisdom and patience. We all know that the sky is not without clouds. But let there be many sunny days in the new year! Achieve your dreams and witness only happy moments! 

I wish you to walk among your loved ones who are burning for you, who are open-minded and in love with you. Meet a partner who will not leave you alone. Overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals with great perseverance. May God write to see you only from above. May your every step is a flower, your face a light, your imagination a wing, and your age a youth. 

May the white snowflakes be happy for you. Let your lashes be buried in the white snow, and your eyes see only your white dreams come true! Happy Year of Happiness and Hope, Love and Peace!

We deserve to be accepted as we are. Our inner voice deserves to be louder than a song sung by a group of people. We deserve to give ourselves a chance again and again! Therefore, first of all, I congratulate myself on the New Year. Thank you for not obeying the difficulties so far, my dear. Next year I promise to take care of you and love you forever.

May the coming new year open the way for all your deeds and initiatives, bring great success, and be full of achievements. We wish you good health, long life full of joy and happiness, prosperity to your family, open skies, and sunny days.

May the New Year be a year of unity and peace! May it be a year of good fortune and prosperity for every family.

It is necessary to leave all the sorrows and griefs of the Old Year behind and welcome the coming New Year with a good mood, pure and fresh thoughts. Each New Year will have its joy, happiness, and gifts.

Friends, let us forget our regrets, sorrows, and moments of hardship for a moment, leave them for the old year. Cross the threshold of the New Year with love and kindness, and hope that only joy and happiness await us. May your homes be full of light and flowers in the New Year!

It is said that there are seven miracles in the world; the eighth miracle is the New Year! May your dreams come true and give you a wonderful New Year!

The New Year gives you hope for a happy future, confidence in new opportunities, and a bright future for fruitful initiatives. May this New Year live up to our expectations and bring peace and prosperity to all of us.

Let me wish you and your loved ones good health, inexhaustible energy, creative success, and good luck.

With all my heart, I wish you all the best miracles and true happiness in life, hope and blessing in the home, proper health and love, unmatched strength and kindness of soul, compassion, and good luck on the way. 

Let fairy tales will come true; miracles will become best friends, thoughts and actions will be filled with Christmas spirit, the atmosphere of goodness in the air.

Believe in yourself, achieve the impossible, capture the snowflakes of happiness. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 

Let there be a place in your life for all the miracles; all the dreams will come true, life continues calmly and quietly. And the excitement of the new year will be associated with the anticipation of the day. 

I hope the icy winter and the cycle of snowflakes give everyone a sense of joy! Keep everyone happy and inspired by the hope for the best in the years to come. 

Be healthy, open, and responsive, love with all your heart, do not be afraid of anything, and achieve the unimaginable! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. 

I wish you a good holiday in the circle of loved ones and close, bright feelings and happiness, beautiful feelings and good hopes, great gifts, and happy achievements in life. 

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Messages

May the bright and festive mood be happy in the home, happiness can accompany the journey, life may be colourful, hope will live in the soul, and real and pure love in the heart. 

I wish you to have a significant and bright light in the street, a trusted and loving comrade, a confident destination, and a fortune like coffee. May the holiday fill the heart with joy and happiness; my bad luck and bad weather turn you away.

As the earth is shrouded in snow white and the New Year mood fills the soul with invisible anticipation of miracles, I want to congratulate you on this upcoming holiday. 

May the heart be filled with happiness, the fire of love always burns in the soul, and comfort reigns in the house of peace and prosperity. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 

Make your wishes come true because, in such a wonderful time, they must come true! Let these beautiful days be carefully wrapped. Let them help you fall into the magical world of children’s happiness. God can protect you from all possible problems. 

May the angels light the way today and throughout life. So that New Year and Christmas do not end with no real miracle. And letting each event be painted using magic notes gives the burden of a good feeling for a long time: a new beginning and a sense of complete success, right hope, and deep love.

New Year is an important holiday when we drop the past year’s results and set goals for next year. May the New Year be even happier next year and a dream come true; let love surround you with a soft veil, and luck will smile with the warm smile of a mother!

Christmas is a nostalgic time, but it is also a time to create new memories. Enjoy socializing with new friends and cherish your family company in the season of love and sharing. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the perfect season to reach out to others when laughter and good news are broadcast. We hope that Christmas will find you among family and friends while sharing the seasons and spirit.

We hope that the magic of Christmas will please your heart with the joy of the season. May the spirit of Christmas bless you with greater power. May the promise of Christmas bring you and your family endless blessings.

May the spirit of the season come closer to the people you value so much. I wish everyone a congratulatory year.

Congratulations this time you’re together, and it’s good to cheer, great hope, and the best that Christmas can offer you and your family. 

This season is more than just giving holiday parties and gifts. May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles of the festival and the meanings of this beautiful time.

It’s easy to get confused about activities during the holiday season. Please accept the beauty and true meaning of the season and have a lovely Christmas.

The tree is decorated, cookies are made, and gifts are wrapped. All that remains is to wish you a Merry Christmas. 

The true heart of Christmas and New Year is one of wonder and warmth. When the holiday stress disappears, you can replace it.

Christmas is not a time or a season or a holiday, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and kindness and to show mercy and real love is to have the true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is not an eternal event at all but a home that carries it to your heart.

I’m sending you a warm bear hug, lovely kisses, and an earnest wish for a wonderful Christmas event. 

Every year, during the white silence of December, white butterflies fly festive wishes around the world and land in the hearts of loved ones …Christmas and New Year is a time of warm feelings, pleasant surprises, and sincere miracles …

Let us forget the hardships and deeds for a while, And let ourselves take a minute to breathe. After distributing sincerity on Christmas morning, we agree to elevate the New.

Let’s raise the cup to make this Christmas and New Year the best. Let the snowflakes smile, let the tiny, imperceptible snowflakes fall … Happy Holidays!

Let the Christmas stars flood your home with a cosy light, and let your heart fill with faith, hope, the desire to work and live meaningfully in the New Year.

I wish that the celebration of the birth of Christ would be rewarded with spiritual joy, peace, a time of consensus, unity, true happiness.

Let the flames of New Year’s candles melt all the troubles of the old year, and the dawn of St. Christmas morning brings success, strength, and hope.

May all bright hopes come true in the new year, let only a good word bloom, let every work rejoice, let the days be meaningful, and happiness is your frequent guest.

Long live the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the abundance of the New Year’s table in your home.

May the peace of the Holy Christmas remain in your home for a long time; let the New Year, entering with the twelfth beat, become an excellent start to the new year.