Happy Sunday quotes and motivational messages collection

An immature person thinks that all his choices generate profits. A mature person knows that most of his choices may have losses.

Change your life today. Do not bet with the future, there is now, without delays.

Every mind is a safe. There are no impenetrable minds, just wrong keys.

Sometimes it is in the last effort, in the final attempt, that big goals are realized. Have faith and don’t lower your arms until the prize is in your hand. Stay strong, as sooner or later you will receive the reward!


Sunday is a difficult day. It costs to wake up and face another week when we know that we will have a long time ahead of us until a new weekend arrives. But who tells us to look far ahead if we still have so much to live in the next few days? In fact, today is the ideal time to restart the fight for our dreams. We have renewed energies and the tiredness is still little. If we start now in search of happiness, maybe we will achieve it sooner than we expected. Make Sunday a good day for yourself!

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Sometimes, our biggest mistake is wanting to achieve everything at once. We are too ambitious, we act too much without thinking and this leads us to miss out on great opportunities during our life. It is best to focus on small achievements that will lead us to even the biggest. So, set a goal and fight for it in the coming days and in the end, you will receive happiness as a deserved prize. Good week!

100 Happy Sunday Quotes And Motivational Messages With Images To Inspire Your Week

Sunday Quotes

I can’t give you a perfect formula for success, but I can give you a perfect syntax for failure, which is: Try to please everyone.

Herbert Bayard Swope

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I can't give you a perfect formula for success, but I can give you a perfect syntax for failure, which is Try to please everyone. Herbert Bayard Swope Motivational Inspirational Sunday Quotes

A peacock that has no tail pays for a mop.


A long trip starts with a single step.

Lao Tzu

The cave that you fear to enter inside is the one that keeps the treasure you are looking for.

Joseph Campbell

He who has a reason for living can endure almost anything.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday Motivational Messages

There are days that put commas, there are days that put reticence, there are days that put an end to it, and there are days that need to turn the page.

Mishaps on the way will give more credit to your victory.

Your life is more important than all the gold in the world. More beautiful than the stars: a masterpiece of the Author of life. Despite your shortcomings, you are not a number in the crowd. Nobody is the same as you in the stage of life. You are an irreplaceable human being. Augusto Cury

The burden you will carry on your walk may be heavy, but those who have faith never.

God grants us, each day, a page of new life in the book of time. Whatever we put in it runs on us. Chico Xavier

Before the day is over and while there is still sun, look well on the horizon and believe in the good things to come. All victories depend on having the right expectations for everything around us.

Never stop restarting something that has not finished, for fear of the challenges that will follow. You learned from the fall and now you have all the strength you will need.

Life is made up of some sad moments, but also of special occasions that make us enjoy the best feelings. We have to fight for what doesn’t matter to go away and for something to come that makes us truly happy.

There is a time when everyone can be happy. A phase in which dreams can come true at any moment, if we have the right motivation. A period of time that has everything to be unforgettable, unique and able to take us where we never imagined to arrive. Yes, there is a very special part of our life that we call Today.

Today all possibilities are real. We often wonder what we want for our future, but we forget that that same future can start at any moment. In fact, the present is the only time in our life when we can truly change something.

The only flaw that Today has is that it is so brief. When it starts we have 24 hours to go, but when it ends it seems like everything is over in an instant. Therefore, it is best to seize the opportunities that always arise in our life. Every day tell yourself that the day to be happy has come, believe it and never stop fighting.

Throughout life, many people will try to discourage you and exhaust your strength. Do not waste time with them, and seek the company of those who value you for what you are and not for the things you have. These people will be your strength.

Life is the greatest gift, living is a privilege and each new day a gift that we must discover with joy.

Sunday Motivational Messages

Live intensely, enjoy and enjoy every second of every day you are presented with. Smile in the face of adversity and cry with joy at the wonderful accomplishment of being alive, one more day!

If the path doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, go back. And if something seems to be over, never forget that there is a precious possibility of starting over.

Moving forward is not always easy, but sometimes it is the only alternative we have left. There are times when we simply have to be strong, face any difficulties and overcome everything that is saddening us.

We are more capable than we think and there are no limits when we are determined and with a heart full of hope. Believe that what is left behind will be forgotten if you keep fighting every day for a better tomorrow.

A new day represents a world of surprises, a universe of unforgettable moments and an infinity of sensations. This is the blessing of life, and we only need to accept it with a hug each morning. In fact, life serves to be lived intensely. It represents hope, strength, faith! Every new sunlight is a sign that miracles happen all the time. Be happy! Live the life!

Perfection doesn’t mean that there is nothing to add, but that there is nothing to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you were offered a place on a spaceship, do not ask what place! Hop inside!

Sheryl Sandberg

Feel the fair wind in your sail. If there is no wind, then grab the oars and sail in your direction.

Latin saying

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Feel the fair wind in your sail. If there is no wind, then grab the oars and sail in your direction. Sunday Quotes Motivation

You won’t fall unless you climb a mountain. But what a joy from all life spent on earth.

Unknown author

Begin every morning by reading the list of the richest people in the world. If you’re name is not there, get down to work.

R. Orben

You can be invincible if you do not enter into any battle in which victory does not depend on you.


In serious matters, care should be taken not so much to create opportunities as to not to miss them.

Francois de Larochefoucault

Millions of people will not replace you. Never.

Vladimir Ponkin

Sunday Inspirational Messages

Take on such a volume of work that you can master in one day.

Keep track of your competitors, but pay more attention to what you do yourself.

Your well-being depends on your own decisions.

If the loser in the battle smiles then the winner loses the taste of victory.

You can love your whole life. And stop loving on Sunday.

Every day has its own miracle.

The fallen spirit dies prematurely.

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Happy Sunday Quotes

Now is the time to act. Challenge yourself and make time your ally; put out your qualities and use your skills, so you can make a difference right now.

Márcia Paula

Believe that you can be more, if you give more. Believe in your success and don’t create obstacles in your mind, but start acting! You have talents, you just need to exercise them. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you in time, but be brave, believe in your potential!

Márcia Paula

The best time to take action, to change things and make everything work is when everything is going against you. Because the best impulse for lack of strength is action. Don’t sit around whining, get up and do something!

Márcia Paula

Use this difficult time to your advantage, do everything new and believe that you can get out of this and move on to a life of great achievements. Everything will work out, when you start to understand that what you determine you can achieve, just believe in yourself.

Márcia Paula

Know that your actions in your time determine your future, because the best achievements happen when we act with courageous attitudes in discouraging situations.

Márcia Paula

Scientists say that we are made of atoms, but a tree whispered to us that we are made of dreams, a wave told me that we are made of travel. A child playing with fairies told me that we are made of wonder.

Fabrizio Caramagna

Sunday Inspirational Messages

Every Sunday is like a blank canvas. You choose your play by buying the mood and perspective. If you have the correct perspective, this canvas can one day become a masterpiece!

If Sunday is like a strong black coffee, you do not have to get rid of it. Add some sugar and it will be delicious and sweet in the new week!

No day is filled with as many opportunities as a Sunday, so be a blessed Sunday. Remember, this is the start of a new week that is free from errors, so do your best!

Sunday is a day of triumph and achievement. It’s time for you to be brave, stay strong and always get to the next success. Happy Sunday!

Make sure you don’t waste your time and opportunities. Every Sunday is a new opportunity to change your life. Have a nice Sunday and make sure you get the most out of it!

Sunday Forecast: 50 percent chance of joy and 50 percent chance of laugh. The right forecast is entirely up to you. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Time to welcome a new Sunday head. Always remember that happiness is the choice we make, not what happens to us. You are so happy in life and this Sunday when you decide.

Make sure this Sunday treats you so kindly as you learn to be happy with all your things and accept all the things you can’t change. And pray for wisdom to always know the difference between the two.

Hooray! It’s Sunday! Leave Sunday’s unbearable joy, happiness, and hope. Happy Sunday!

Let this Sunday be the beginning of a week full of lasting promises, joys, and new opportunities.

To be truly happy in life, one must develop the ability to see the beauty in all things and to enjoy the simplest of tasks. This week, kick off your Sunday by seeing the beauty of the world.

Life offers many doors and paths for you to do. It is up to you which doors open and which ones close quickly.

Keep your heart open to the love, kindness, and mercy of the world. Remember that God is everywhere with you and sees all the joys or struggles.

Even if you have to make two glasses of coffee today, make sure you use all your imagination and energy to make this morning a great day. Happy Sunday!

If you can come across this Sunday with positive thoughts in your mind, then you do not have to experience negative things during the day. Begin the week by feeling good and let it run through the rest of the week. Have a great Sunday morning, everyone!

Surprise! Sunday’s gift is ready for you. It’s time to open a week of laughter, joy, and happiness.

It’s hard to yell at someone who smiled at you, so smile on your face. Today you are invincible, unstoppable and powerful!

As you start another week, remember to always put everything in your heart. When you make the best effort, you never regret things not going according to plan.

The stories are there to share our values and our outlook with others. However, this is only valuable if it is not about what we did, but about what we stood for.

Those who have simplicity in their hearts always have a smile to offer you. Happy Sunday and week start to all.

Sunday Quotes

Place your feet on the floor and say: today I would like to be slightly better than yesterday. So every time and it will be a really good day.

Erika Moon

True heroism consists in persisting for another moment, when everything seems lost.

WF Grenfel

The first 24 hours of Sunday morning are the most difficult. But then pass! Happy Sunday!

Monday morning: the hours return to sewing with the hours, the streets with the streets, the noises with the noises. The colorful fragments of self that had scattered in recent days are recomposed in a pose of seriousness and each of our movements seems to obey the secret law of efficiency.

Fabrizio Caramagna

You speak to animals they will also speak to you, so you will know each other. If you don’t talk to animals, you will never know them. And what you don’t know you will always fear. What is feared is destroyed.

Ancient Indian proverb

If you want to build a ship, do not drum up men to get wood, prepare tools, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach the men the longing for the vast sea.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

I have never met the man, however famous he was, who had not worked better and more enthusiastically after recognition than after a blame.

Charles M. Schwab

Anyone who works makes mistakes. People who work a lot make more mistakes. Only those who put their hands in their laps do not make any mistakes.

Alfred Krupp

From small pleasures to big aspirations, what makes you deeply is the art of cherishing and remembering what is beautiful and good in your life.

Anne van Stappen

Nothing traps you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fears. Nothing controls you except your beliefs.

Marianne Williamson

We must not think about the objective to be reached, we must only think of moving forward. This is how, by dint of advancing, you achieve or double your objectives without even noticing.

Bernard Werber

Sow a thought, you will reap an act. Sow an act, you will reap a habit. Sow a habit, you will reap a character. Sow a character, you will reap a destiny.

Stefen Covey

If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you, and you may not like his conception of balance.

Nigel Marsh